Who IS the woman who rejected Ben Affleck on Raya?

The woman who rejected Ben Affleck on Raya: Inside Nivine Jay’s career as a stand-up comedian who made quips about sex, date rape, and ‘manipulating men’ – before authoring a book about the ‘grief of heartbreak’

  • Nivine was thrust into the spotlight this week after she posted a video she says was sent to her by Ben Affleck on Instagram after she unmatched him on Raya 
  • In the clip, Nivine explained that she thought the 48-year-old actor’s profile was a fake so she deleted the match – only for him to then contact her on Instagram
  • Her video racked up more than three million views and thousands of comments, helping to skyrocket Nivine to viral fame 
  • The 29-year-old, who is originally from Houston but lives in Los Angeles, has worked as a stand-up comedian, a model, an actress, and an author 
  • A 2013 clip from a stand-up comedy performance shows her making jokes about date rape, dissing an ex-boyfriend, and praising women for ‘manipulating’ men 
  • In March 2018, she released a book of poetry, Cry Baby, in which she documents the ‘five stages of grief after an unexpected break-up’
  • She also points her Instagram followers towards an account for the Therapist and the Mistress, which is described as a ‘revolutionary card game for couples’

Ben Affleck became the subject of a viral frenzy on Monday, when a woman shared a video of him pursuing her on Instagram after she rejected him on Raya – sparking a feverish response from his fans, while helping to launch her to five minutes of stardom.

Unsurprisingly, Nivine Jay, 29, became the subject of much speculation in the hours after she posted her TikTok video – in which she revealed that she turned Ben, 48, down on Raya because she thought his profile was fake, only for him to track her down on Instagram.  

Although she was certainly not a household name prior to her viral TikTok video, Nivine, who is from Houston but lives in Los Angeles, is not totally unfamiliar with the spotlight, having worked as both a stand-up comedian, an actress, and a model in the last ten years. 

Relationships and dating have also played a major role in many of her past professional endeavors; a 2013 YouTube clip of the budding comedian performing on stage shows her dissing ex-boyfriends, making risque quips about prostitution and date rape, and praising women for ‘manipulating’ men into ‘paying for drinks and meals’. 

Viral star: Nivine Jay became the subject of much speculation on Monday went she posted a video of Ben Affleck pursuing her on Instagram after she unmatched him on Raya 

Popular: The 29-year-old, who lives in Los Angeles, posted a clip of the Batman v. Superman star, 48, on her TikTok account, where it racked up more than three million views 

Behind the scenes: Prior to her brush with viral fame, Nivine had worked as an actress, model, stand-up comedian, and an author

The video – which was shared on Nivine’s personal YouTube page – was filmed at California comedy night Leche Lounge in July 2013, and sees her taking to the stage in a black dress and a flower crown, before cracking several jokes about her dating life.  

At the start of her routine, she accuses ‘all men’ of ‘getting creepy’, before describing a scenario in a bar when she makes eye contact with a guy, and then strikes up a conversation with him. 

‘He like, “What do you want to drink?” And I’m like, “Cranberry vodka – hold the rape,”‘ she quips, having already joked about an ex-boyfriend who had a folder on his computer entitled ‘naked b****es’. 

She goes on to praise women for ‘manipulating’ men into paying for all their meals and drinks, saying: ‘We have manipulated all of them into thinking that they are responsible for paying for our drinks, our meals, our rent, and our drug habits.

‘And you know if you’re a guy, you have to go to college and get a good education, that is your only option. If you’re a woman, it’s like a choice. If you go, it’s really cute.’  

She continues: ‘A woman can charge an extra $200 to get it from behind, and for a man, that’s all you’ve got. 

‘Like my high school history teacher used to always tell me: “The more holes, the more opportunities.”‘ 

During the same routine, Nivine also joked about sleeping with her boss and then losing her job as a waitress after she made a rude comment about his penis. 

In one of her earliest Instagram posts, Nivine shared an image of a business card on which she described herself as a ‘comedian/pervert/cake lover’, while joking that she had been ‘making parents proud since ’92’. 

However in recent years, Nivine appears to have made a move away from comedy in favor of pursuing an acting and modeling career. 

She has two credits to her name on IMDB: a 2014 movie called The Donut Split, and a more recent 2021 project entitled Space Juice. 

Both appear to be independent projects.  

In 2018, Nivine also tried her hand at writing, publishing a book entitled Cry Baby, in which she documented ‘the five stages of grief… after heartbreak’ in a series of poems, basing it largely on her own experiences after ending a relationship. 

‘This year has been absolutely insane. I had a lot of firsts and plenty of heartbreak to last a lifetime,’ she explained while sharing a photo of the book on Instagram in December 2017.  

She continued: ‘My heart ripped in half a year ago and this poetry book was so essential in putting me back together. 

‘With every page written I could feel myself healing. I’d never thought this was something l could or wanted to finish. I’ve always struggled believing i was anything more than good hair, holes, and some funny one liners and this year was all about self love.’ 

Moving on: In recent years, Nivine (seen left at the Playboy Mansion) appears to have tried to rebrand herself as an actress, model, and influencer

Influencer: The social media user boasts an impressive 18,000 followers on Instagram, where she regularly uploads photos of herself enjoying the LA lifestyle 

Project: In 2018, Nivine published a book about heartbreak, which she based on her own experiences while grieving the end of a relationship 

The budding author also shared several excerpts from the book on her Instagram Stories, sharing one poem in which she looked back on the pain of ‘giving up’ on a relationship. 

‘The day I gave up on us I cried for hours,’ the first line begins. ‘I cried until my fave was so wet, it looked like I had risen from the surface of the deepest waters.’ 

Interestingly, she also tackled the concept of rejection – perhaps a page that Ben could borrow in light of the couple’s bizarre Raya encounter, which is what first launched Nivine to viral fame. 

The actress and influencer – who boasts close to 18,000 Instagram followers – posted her now-viral TikTok video on Monday, explaining in the caption: ‘Thinking of the time I matched with Ben Affleck on Raya and thought it was fake so I unmatched him and he sent me a video on Instagram.’ 

The Batman v Superman actor is then seen in an Instagram video speaking directly to camera, attempting to confirm his identity as he asks the woman: ‘Nivine, why did you unmatch me? It’s me.’

DailyMail.com has reached out to representatives for Affleck, who have so far been unavailable for comment.

Speaking to E! News, Nivine insisted that she did not mean to offend Ben by uploading the video – explaining that her intention was to poke fun at herself for mistakenly assuming his profile was fake. 

‘I’m seeing a lot of comments calling him a creep and l don’t think that’s fair. l wasn’t making fun of him in the video,’ she told the site. ‘l was making fun of myself for thinking he was a catfish and it was just supposed to be funny.’ 

Sorry Ben ¿¿¿¿ ##raya ##benaffleck ##dating ##fyp

Click and tell: Nivine Jay went viral on Monday when she posted a TikTok video about the experience

The video shows Nivine striking a series of poses, with the caption ‘Sorry Ben’ alongside a slew of hashtags including the actor’s name and the app Raya.

Raya is often described as the celebrity version of Tinder, as the dating app requires a membership and a vetting process, which is enticing to big movie stars like Affleck. 

The app – which launched in 2015 – describes itself as being ‘an exclusive dating and networking platform for people in creative industries.’ 

Demi Lovato revealed that she signed up to Raya after she split with ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama in 2016. 

It has also been rumored that actor Channing Tatum became a member after his split from British singer Jessie J. 

Rumors that Affleck has been on the dating app have been rife for the past couple of years, though it was unclear up until now if it had been a fake profile.

The actor officially divorced his ex-wife Jennifer Garner in 2018, and has enjoyed a few romances since then with SNL producer Lindsay Shookus and actress Ana de Armas respectively.  

Past love: Ben Affleck split with actress Ana de Armas in January this year after a whirlwind romance

Not a match: Ben also split with SNL producer Lindsay Shookus after a brief romance in 2019

Romantic: The Good Will Hunting star shares three children with his ex-wife Garner; Violet, 15, Seraphina, 12, and Samuel, nine. (the pair pictured above in 2007)

Over the weekend, Affleck was pictured with his newly-single ex-flame Jennifer Lopez prompting more rumors surrounding his romantic life. 

Earlier this year, the Oscar-winner opened up about his romance with Lopez on a podcast for The Hollywood Reporter saying he was ‘depressed’ when it ended in 2004.

‘I was depressed, had depression when I was younger, that was very difficult… I kind of had to develop a sense of, like, “I’m going to get through this no matter what. No matter how s****y it feels”‘ he explained.

Affleck also confirmed in that interview that the pair remain friends, saying: ‘I don’t think I met anybody that worked harder than Jennifer Lopez.’

The Good Will Hunting star shares three children with his ex-wife Garner; Violet, 15, Seraphina, 12, and Samuel, nine.

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