Why 'Fixer Upper' Stars Chip And Joanna Gaines Were Hanging Out With A 'NCIS' Star May Surprise You

Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines were just spotted hanging out with an actor from NCIS: Los Angeles Eric Christian Olsen, who plays the part of Marty Deeks on the hit show, shared a photo of himself posing alongside the former HGTV stars. Fans of both shows were obviously thrilled by the photo op, but why were Chip and Joanna hanging out with Olsen in the first place?

Chip and Joanna spend time at Harvard

Chip and Joanna’s encounter with Olsen was not by chance. The three are attending a class at Harvard University’s Business of Entertainment and took some time to snap a quick photo outside of the classroom.

Apart from Olsen, the photo also featured NBA stars Kevin Love and Julius Randle, Ciara, and Oliver Kahn. Professor Anita Elberse is teaching the course, and, based on the caption, it is pretty clear that Chip and Eric developed a quick bond.

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Leave it to @chipgaines and I to be the only guys at @harvardhbs wearing baseball caps. You can take the boys out of the wild, but U can't take the wild out of the boys. The learning NEVER stops. 10,000 thanks you's to @anitaelberse for being my Yoda and believing in me. Take the adventure! #Repost @anitaelberse with @get_repost ・・・ Boooom!!! We’re at it again with the “Business of Entertainment, Media, and Sports” (#BEMS) program! As always, the class includes a number of people with careers that stand out even from the accomplished executives that normally fill our classrooms… Collectively, this group alone has won an NBA Championship ?, Olympic Gold medal ?, UEFA Champions League trophy, Golden Ball and Golden Glove award, and scored 5 World Cup Goals in total across three consecutive World Cups ⚽️; received 2 ESPYs, 10 All League Teams, 2 McDonald’s All-American, and 5 All-Star selections; made 5 NCAA Final Four appearances, played 220 national-team games ?, won 1 Grammy and 2 MTV Music Video Awards ?; starred in 300 television episodes ?, solving countless (fictional) crimes and surprising nearly 80 couples with a beautifully renovated home (involving as many demo days and an estimated 700 tons of shiplap ?); and even has a royal title (that’s right — we have a real prince in the house! ?) So inspiring that even for these superstars, the learning never stops—and amazing that they chose to join us at @HarvardHBS this week. ??? #Harvard #BEMS #crushingit @lifeatHBS (? by the equally amazing @evephoto)

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“Leave it to [Chip Gaines] and I to be the only guys at [Harvard Business School] wearing baseball caps,” Olsen captioned the photo. “You can take the boys out of the wild, but U can’t take the wild out of the boys.”

Chip and Joanna finished the program this year and later opened up about the experience on social media. The Fixer Upper stars were thrilled to have been a part of the program and had nothing but good things to say about their fellow classmates. Joanna praised their instructor, Elberse, for being such a good leader and teaching her things about the entertainment business. She also joked about voting for Chip, who rocked a Harvard sweater for most of the pics, as class president.

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What we witnessed this week at @harvardhbs was human beings at their very finest. 85 people from all around the world, from all different walks of lives, with different cultural backgrounds, religions, political beliefs and professions. We learned from one another and spoke into each other's lives, sometimes challenging but always valuing every perspective. Not a single one of us were alike, and yet by doing something as simple as listening to and respecting one another, we were challenged and made better. Thankful for this opportunity @anitaelberse – your leadership and your passion caused grown, busy adults to think with curiosity about our own businesses and about the world around us. Oh and one more thing… I know I might be biased but I'd like to officially cast my vote for Chip as CLASS PREZ. #ChipForPrez (Photo by @evephoto ) #bems

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Joanna later shared a group shot of the entire class, whichincluded quite a surprising number of celebrities.

Chip and Joanna celebrate 16 years

In addition to graduating from Harvard’s entertainmentprogram, Chip and Joanna recently celebrated 16 years together. In honor of themilestone, Joanna took to social media with a heartfelt note to her husband. Althoughthe two have accomplished so many things together, Joanna admitted that itfeels like their journey is only just beginning. Given everything they havedone over the past year, Joanna might be on to something.

According to USAToday, Chip and Joanna just started their long-term plan to launch anetwork with Discovery. The network will feature a slew of shows and is expectedto launch sometime in 2020. While they are hard at work managing their newnetwork, Time Magazine named them one of the 100 most influential people of2018.

The pair also welcomed a new member to their family. A fewmonths ago, Joanna gave birth to her fifth child with Chip, a boy named Crew.Chip and Joanna share four other kids: Drake, Ella, Duke, and Emmie.

Chip and Joanna may be just getting started, but there is noarguing that they have already accomplished so much.

Inside Chip and Joanna’s new project

Chip and Joanna rose to fame starring on the hit HGTV seriesFixer Upper. The couple surprisinglycalled it quits, however, in 2018 after five seasons on the network. Chip andJoanna said they wanted to spend more time with their family, though it did nottake long before they took on another big project. In fact, a few months afterthe conclusion of their show, the pair announced their new partnership with Discovery.

The new network is expected to kick off next summer and willserve as a replacement for Discovery’s current DIY network. The channel willinclude a number of different shows and will feature a version of the couple’sMagnolia brand. The two are also looking to launch a website for the channel,as well as a streaming app.

Chip and Joanna are expected to star in their very own showon the network, though details of which are being kept tightly under wraps.Given how well Chip and Christian hit it off, perhaps he will get a chance tomake a guest appearance on their new show.

Apart from their television ventures, Chip and Joanna managea variety of businesses inside their hometown of Waco, Texas. This includes abaking company, a restaurant, and a coffee shop. They also have their own lineof merchandise that is tied to their Magnolia brand.

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