Woman has secret bar hidden under kitchen island and its as big as a house

A woman has revealed a secret hiding spot in her house where she gets access to a massive speakeasy in the basement.

Theresa Albano left viewers scratching their heads when she posted a now-viral video showing her walking to the underground pub from her kitchen island.

"When I'm bored and remember I have a speakeasy under my kitchen island," she wrote in the clip.

Theresa makes her way to the kitchen and opens a cabinet under the separate worktop, which reveals a staircase to a small room where she keeps bottles of wines.

She goes to the back and walks into another room and opens a cupboard door to a secret hallway.

But the big reveal is in one of the rooms – a retro style pub with wooden furnitures.

The video has amassed more than 35 million views since it first posted in May.

One stunned fan said: "You have a house inside your kitchen island?"

"A palace under house? My jaws just dropped to the floor," a second wrote and a third added: "I want my house to look like this."

Theresa later posted a "house tour" video, showing viewers off her secret basement – which is equipped with a mini theatre, separate mens and womens toilets and a pub full of guests having drinks and watching televisions.

Some keen fans asked Theresa for the original floor plan and the price she bought the house for.

But others worried about the lack of emergency exits and called it a potential "death trap" if there is no second exit.

"When I'm bored, I would just pick my nose," one viewer teased while another commented: "Tell me you are rich without telling me you are rich."

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