Woman mortified when parents spot bottle of lube in her holiday selfie

A 22-year-old was mortified after she sent a cute couple picture to her parents.

Kelsey Poole posed with her boyfriend Elliot during a trip to Antalya, Turkey.

But while she thought the sweet selfie would go down well with her mum and dad, she was left blushing when they took a closer look at the image.

Kelsey snapped a quick mirror selfie in her hotel room.

The picture shows the couple looking very loved up – and this is reflected by the items that lie in front of them too.

On the dresser, various toiletries are visible.

One of these is a bottle of strawberry lube, which the Suffolk-based pair forgot all about when taking the photo.

Amusingly, the intimate gel wasn’t missed by Kelsey’s parents.

When Kelsey sent her family the holiday snap, she probably blushed when she received the reply.

Her mum joked: “Dad said the pics are lovely, nice Durex bottle.”

Kelsey tried to talk her way out of the blunder, replying: “It’s Elliot’s knee cream”.

But sadly, this excuse didn’t work.

The holidaymaker’s mum replied “Dad zoomed in!”, leaving the couple feeling giggly and embarrassed.

Thankfully, the family has since been able to laugh about the mistake.

Kelsey has even been able to post about the awkward moment on social media, where her tweet has racked up 48,000 likes.

She told LADBible:  “It was actually fine when we got home.

“My parents can luckily see the funny side of things.

“Although I was really laughing reading out some of the twitter replies and my dad said he doesn’t want to hear.

“My mum brought it up actually and kept laughing at my dads reaction apparently he zoomed in and said ‘oh lovely I didn’t really need to see that’.”

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