Woman praises husband for hiring maid to do chores but she is hit with backlash

A stay-at-home mum has sparked a backlash from trolls after saying she thinks she has the "best husband ever" and has a maid to do the cleaning.

In a video, Bridgette Hartt says she is counting her blessings for "hitting the jackpot" having such a fantastic partner, and not having to worry about money.

She says: "When you realise you are married to your best friend who lets you stay home without a shopping budget, hire a maid when you fail at the fly lady method (cleaning in a frenzied 15-minute burst).

"And still wants to do the dirty every day when you look like you haven't showered in a week."

The clip was watched more than 200,000 times and it divided viewers – with many praising her for having such a happy relationship and others looking to criticise.

One troll said: "Classless and immature omg, if my daughter posted this I’d be horrified, this is not a woman little girl, and your husband he should be embarrassed."

Bridgette fired back: "Nobody ever said I was classy… I just said I was living the dream, back off."

Someone else harshly commented: "Until he leaves you and you can’t do anything for yourself and don’t have the know-how. Use that time to create wealth for yourself too sister."

A more supportive viewer said: "They prepare you for the bad men, but not the good ones. Winner winner!"

"Do you feel guilty being out there and living my dream?!" joked another woman.

Someone else quipped: "Does he have a brother?"

Another wrote: "Yes! Don’t listen to the haters. I’m the same as you and have been married 25 years. It’s the life we chose and couldn’t be happier."

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