Woman shames date for only buying food for himself – but viewers take his side

A woman has stirred a debate online for shaming her date for only buying food for himself on their first date.

Heydi Berber, from California, US, took a short video after they sat down at a restaurant in the city of Fresno.

"On our first date I didn't have money so he only bought himself food," she said while showing the half-empty table and her date eating a basket of fried chicken.

She added: "Should I go out with him again? He said pay me or pay me no attention."

Heydi also mentioned in the comments that she was the one who asked to go for a date.

Her video has raked in 3.4 million views and viewers were not happy with her attitude, calling her a "red flag".

One said: "You asked him out and wanted him to pay? The audacity."

A second wrote: "I personally offer to pay on the first date but knowing your date came expecting a freebie. Red flag…should he go out with you again is the question."

Others hailed the man a "real king" for standing his ground, as a man suggested: "He has been played too many times and not getting played again. Much respect for him. King behaviour."

But some said Heydi didn't do anything wrong, adding that the man is not worth it to date.

"A gentleman won't do you like that," a viewer advised. "And you deserve someone much better."

Another penned: "No he isn't a gentleman. You should go with a loyal and faithful person."

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Meanwhile, a dating columnist discovered she'd been making a common mistake on first dates after she kept putting in heaps of effort without getting anything back.

Jana Hocking, from Australia, said she often found herself treating her first dates like an audition.

She said she put too much effort to make herself look good and failed to think about whether she actually liked the other person or not.

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