Woman’s test of imagining sounds in a forest ‘determines if you’re a psychopath’

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A woman has claimed that there is a simple question that can reveal if you have psychopathic traits – and all it takes is your imagination.

TikTok user Sophia said the scenario-based test offers six answers but only one of them is considered to be the one psychopaths would choose.

But she also claimed that she is not a professional and the test is not a diagnosis, so viewers shouldn't get to carried away (or terrified) by the results.

Sophia explains in her video: "I want you to close your eyes and imagine yourself walking through a dark and eerie forest.

"Now your heart is pounding and you hear sounds all around you.

“Suddenly you hear and feel breathing behind you and you whirl around in terror.

"Now what do you see?"

She gives a list of answers including a wild animal, a pale person of the opposite sex, a shadowy figure, a dog, a giant bug, or simply nothing at all.

Then Sophia reveals: "The actual correct answer to this would be ‘dog'. And for some reason people who do possess psychopathic tendencies often say dog."

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She also says that one psychologist came up with the reason that the dog answer could be indicative of a masking behaviour because "dogs are fluffy and non-threatening".

"And maybe this is the psychopath trying to prompt in the mind of the interviewer this manipulative self-serving answer," she adds.

Author Jon Ronson, who wrote the book The Psychopath Test, mentioned in a tweet that: "When I was writing the Psychopath Test a few people told me they only ever felt love for their dogs – because their dogs gave them unconditional love."

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