You helped me believe I could find love after coming out in my 50s

DEAR DEIDRE: THANK you, Deidre for helping me to believe I could find love as a gay man.

When I wrote to you I had just come out, aged 55.

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I was unhappily married for 20 years, but had a wonderful daughter, now 27.

For obvious reasons, the marriage didn’t work out.

After my divorce, I had a breakdown, and confided the truth to my daughter.
She was supportive and I felt able to tell everyone.

But I still wasn’t happy. I wanted to find love with a special person.

When I contacted you, I felt so lonely. You made me feel that I do deserve love, and that I have a lot to offer.

You gave me your support packs, Gay Resources and Gay Support, recommended that I contact the LGBT+ switchboard (, 0300 330 0630) and made me realise my approach to looking for love was too narrow.

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Since writing, my attitude has become much more positive.

I’ve got involved in sports, made new friends and am confident a relationship is just around the corner.

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DEIDRE SAYS: I’m so glad I helped you to believe in yourself, and wish you the very best of luck for the future.


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