Your Scorpio Monthly Horoscope For July

Things are changing so fast, it’s been hard for you to keep track of all the transformations. Meanwhile, the seasons are changing, the planets are pulsating and—somehow—it’s already July? WTF? I know it seems like 2020 has been dragging on forever, but there’s still a lot more in store for this historic year. In some ways, we’re only just getting started. Gulp.

However, there is a very important ending happening at the beginning of this month: At 12:44AM EST on July 5, the final eclipse will occur on the Cancer-Capricorn axis. For the past two years, eclipses across this domain has been inviting you to break outside your comfort zone. You’ve watched yourself learn, discover, and evolve: Most likely, you have very different philosophies than you did when this eclipse series began two years ago. So, under this dramatic sky, reflect on how far you’ve come since July 2018. How has your worldview transformed? Whether you navigated some epic adventures (remember traveling?), started a new career path, or went back to school, this eight-part eclipse narrative expanded consciousness. Sure, there’s a lot more than can (and will) change—but that’s to be expected. At this moment, one thing’s for sure: After all that you’ve discovered, you’re never going backwards.

Mercury, on the other hand, will always go backwards. Mercury Retrograde happens three to four times each year and, since mid-June, this pesky planet has been cruising in reverse, making everything just a wee bit more annoying (read: extraordinarily f*cking frustrating). But, thankfully, Mercury resumes its direct motion on July 12, which will definitely improve your day-to-day realities. No more typos! No more miscommunications! No more lost packages! Hallelujah!

With both the eclipses and Mercury Retrograde now behind you, you can start planning for the future. A New Moon in Cancer, a like-minded water sign, on July 20 invites you to define your discoveries. After experiencing such profound evolution, consider ways you can share these pivotal perspectives with your community. This may involve having some challenging conversations with friends or family, which (I’m not going to lie) won’t be easy. But that’s the whole thing, Scorpio: There’s no way shattering your comfort zone could be easy—it’s not supposed to be! This will require bravery and, fortunately, you’re one of the most courageous sign of the zodiac. You got this!

Leo Season kicks off on July 22, as the Sun moves into this fiery sign. Leo craves the spotlight, while you prefer to revel in the shadows. And, although you and Leo may seem like strange bedfellows, you actually have a lot in common with these ostentatious lions. Both Leo and Scorpio are fixed signs, which means they share qualities of tenacity, fortitude, and (naturally) stubbornness. So, as the Sun slides into the lion’s den, you’ll feel inspired to manifest some change in your own dwellings. This is an excellent time to reflect on your foundation: What does it mean for you to feel safe, protected, and—perhaps most importantly—comfortable? Don’t be afraid to make some changes: At the end of the day, your external environment should positively mirror your internal experience!

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