Renters can get £192 back from landlords after today as fee ban caps deposits at five weeks – The Sun

RENTERS in England who signed a tenancy agreement before today June 1 could be due hundreds back from their landlord if they renew their policy.

That's because new rules take force today under the Tenant Fees Act that caps the upfront deposit most people will have to pay to secure a place at five weeks' rent.

Until now, six in ten landlords (61 per cent) made tenants cough up a deposit of between four and six weeks' rent, according to the Government's English Private Landlord Survey 2018.

So if you paid a deposit of more than five week's rent and signed your tenancy agreement before today, but you then renew it, even if that's at the same property that means you could be owed some cash back.

How much you'll get back depends on the upfront deposit you put down and how much your weekly rent is.

Housing charity Shelter says the average weekly private rent is £192, so if you put down a six-week deposit you could expect to get one week's deposit back.

Ban on letting agent fees

THE Tenant Fees Bill bans letting fees paid by tenants in the private rented sector.

Housing charity Shelter says tenants shell out an average of £272 in fees, so this will save people a pretty penny.

But experts have warned that renters could still be open to being charged "default fees" – such as when they lose their key or breach their contract.

Under the rules, agents and landlords will still be allowed tenants fees associated with:

  • a change or early termination of a tenancy requested by the tenant – but this will be capped at £50 unless the landlord or agent can demonstrate that greater costs were incurred
  • utilities, communication services and council tax
  • payments arising from a default by the tenant, such as replacing a lost key.

Landlords and estate agents will also only be able to recover "reasonable costs".

For example, they won't be able to charge tenants hundreds of pounds for a damaged item that actually only costs a few pounds to replace.

The average security deposit taken in 2017/18 was £1,083, according to a Freedom of Information request by campaign group Generation Rent.

You won't be due any money back if you don't renew your contract because you'll be due to get back the deposit as you'll be moving on.

Hannah Slater, policy and public affairs manager at the group, told The Sun: "Security deposits will be capped at five weeks rent once the ban comes in.

"Renters with more than five weeks’ rent held in a security deposit will be entitled to a refund of the difference when renewing their contract."

If your landlord doesn't proactively give you your cash back when you sign your new contract you're entitled to ask for it.

The department for Housing, Communities and Local Government, says that if your deposit is held in a Government approved scheme it should be returned within 10 days.

If the deposit isn't protected by a Government-backed scheme, most likely the case if you are a lodger, a student in university halls or if you have an assured or protected tenancy, then there's no set timescale on when you should get it back

But bear in mind that the landlord can make deductions for any wear and tear in both scenarios.

If a landlord still doesn't pay up, you can report them to Trading Standards or take your case to court.

Both Trading Standards and the so-called First-Tier Tribunal can force landlords and estate agents to pay back cash within seven to 14 days.

It's free to complain to your local Trading Standards but court action can you cost you money.

How much depends on the route you go down although you may be able to get help with fees if you're on certain benefits. See for more information.

The Tenant Fees Act will also see landlords in England banned from charging fees to private tenants.

To help police the rules, a new watchdog has been set up to make sure rogue letting agents don't rip-off tenants.

And the Tenancy Deposit Scheme has launched a new nifty calculator to help make sure agents charge the correct amount.

But renters still face forking out up to £2,500 for upfront deposits even after the cap as landlords hike prices.

The rules on renting differ in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales so check before signing any agreements.

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Virginia Beach shooter reportedly ID’d as longtime city employee

The suspected gunman who allegedly murdered 12 people and wounded several others in a mass shooting at a Virginia Beach municipal building was identified as 40-year-old DeWayne A. Craddock, reports said Friday.

Craddock, a longtime city employee, was shot dead after a long gun battle with police, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday, citing unnamed law-enforcement officials.

He had made a number of legal firearm purchases in recent weeks, according to CNN.

Craddock carried out the shooting with a .45-caliber handgun, several extended magazines and a noise suppressor for the gun.

Craddock “indiscriminately” fired at people on three floors of the building when he launched the rampage soon after 4 p.m., police said.

He was killed after an extended gun battle with four police officers who responded to the shooting.

One of the officers was shot during the exchange of gunfire, but is expected to recover because his bullet-proof vest stopped the slug.

The names of the deceased victims were not released pending family notification.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Old Dominion University and previously worked for the Army Training and Support Center and a local manufacturing company, records said.

He joined the Army National Guard after graduating from Denbigh High School in Newport News, Va., according to the Daily Press newspaper.

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Elton John and Taron Edgerton blasts Russian censors after they remove gay sex scenes from Rocketman biopic

SIR Elton John and Taron Edgerton have blasted Russian censors after they removed gay scenes from the singer's Rocketman biopic.

Taron, 29, plays Sir Elton opposite Richard Madden as his manager John Reid and the actors are seen naked and romping in the movie about the star's life.

Sir Elton, 72, is very proud of the "warts and all" depiction and has released a statement after Russian film critic Anton Dolin revealed the feature film had been altered in Russia.

The joint statement from Elton and the filmmakers read: "We reject in the strongest possible terms the decision to pander to local laws and censor Rocketman for the Russian market, a move we were unaware of until today.

"Paramount Pictures have been brave and bold partners in allowing us to create a film which is a true representation of Elton’s extraordinary life, warts and all.

"That the local distributor has edited out certain scenes, denying the audience the opportunity to see the film as it was intended is a sad reflection of the divided world we still live in and how it can still be so cruelly unaccepting of the love between two people.

"We believe in building bridges and open dialogue, and will continue to push for the breaking down of barriers until all people are heard equally across the world."

Taron took to Instagram and shared his opinion, writing: "I am crestfallen that the decision was made to censor our movie for the Russian market.

"I’m even more disappointed to hear about it second hand today on the day of our domestic release.

"I in no way condone this decision and feel disappointed I wasn’t made aware and given the chance to fight this move. Love is love. No compromises."

Sir Elton had said he felt "joyous" when he lost his virginity at 23 and said the lovemaking was a "vital" part of his life story.

He said during their press tour: "If I am telling my story, it has to be honest. "I was a virgin until then. I was desperate to be loved and desperate to have a tactile relationship.

"When they tear their clothes off in the movie, that was how it happened. It was in San Francisco. "I'm so glad it's in there because I am a gay man and I didn't want to airbrush it under the carpet.

"This is who I am and I was so joyous. When he is lying in my arms and I'm sitting back with a smile I'm thinking, 'Ah, I'm normal, I've had sex'…

"I'm proud Rocketman is the first major studio film with a gay love sex scene in it. If I'd left it out, I'd have felt I was cheating people.

"If they don't like it, I understand, but it's part of who I am. That night was a very, very important part."

The Tiny Dancer hitmaker – who has sons Zachary, eight, and Elijah, six, with husband David Furnish – admitted conversations about sex were limited when he was young.

The nicest man in the world @brooklynbeckham shot me and Jamie Bell for @_manabouttownuk . Jamie plays @bernietaupinofficial in @rocketmanmovie and he is phenomenal. Thank you, Man About Town!Styling by @wayperry_editHair by @joemillshairMake Up by Katya Thomas

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He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "When I grew up, my father told me if I ­masturbated I'd go blind. At 13 years of age, I started to have glasses and I went, 'Oh my God! This is coming true!' "

The movie – which stars Taron Egerton as Elton and Richard Madden as John – lays bare the 'Your Song' singer's drug addiction and he admitted it was difficult to watch at times.

He said: "Even though I was in a terrible state and I was doing a lot of drugs, I still kept working, I still kept making records and still kept touring and the music kept me alive. If I had stopped, I wouldn't be here. It's ­difficult to watch because I thought, 'God, I don't want to go back there'."

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Pete Davidson Makes Modeling Debut in ‘Alexander Wang’ Show

Pete Davidson just made his runway debut!

The 25-year-old Saturday Night Live cast member strutted his stuff during the Alexander Wang Collection 1 show on Friday night (May 31) at Rockefeller Center in New York City.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Pete Davidson

The appearance came as a surprise to those in attendance, who watched Pete walk the runway in black and white pants, a white tank top and a baseball cap.

It looks like Pete can now add model to his resume!

Check out a video of Pete in the show below…

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'The Voice': How Badly Will Fans Miss Adam Levine?

Fans got sad news last week when longtime coach Adam Levine announced that he would be leaving The Voice. Though the news comes as a shock, the news is not completely unexpected, given how long he has been on the show.

The Voice has seen several changes over its 16 seasons, but arguably none as big as Levine’s announcement. We don’t know exactly what the future holds for the hit NBC show, but what we do know is that The Voice without Adam is going to be a hard adjustment for fans to make.

How long has Levine been on ‘The Voice’?

Levine has been on The Voice since day one. Back before Maroon 5 really made it really big, the singer took a chance on a new show that forced judges to focus solely on the contestant’s voice by having them turned away from the contestant while they sang.

When the show premiered in 2011, Levine was joined by pop singer Christina Aguilera, rapper and singer Cee Lo Green, and country singer Blake Shelton. Along with Shelton, Levine is the only judge to appear in all 16 seasons of the show.  

Why is he leaving the show?

When announcing his decision to leave the show, Levine simply told fans that it was “time to move on.” There are many factors that could have contributed to his decision to leave the show.

Since The Voice premiered in 2011, Maroon 5 has only seen their success as a group grow. They have been nominated for four Grammy awards in the 8 years since the show premiered and they performed during the Super Bowl halftime show for the first time during their career.

The band has continued to release albums and tour as Levine appeared on The Voice. Trying to schedule touring and recording around the television show likely proved to be a challenge for the pop star.

In addition to work conflicts, Levine may have found that he simply could not continue to take on all that he was doing. On top of his music and television obligations, the singer recently welcomed his second child with wife Behati Prinsloo.

It is understandable that the 40-year-old would want to have more time with his family and leaving The Voice is the sacrifice he chose to make.

Will he ever return?

Over the years, we have seen several judges leave the show and then return for a guest appearance or even a full season. Most notably, Christina Aguilera was on the judge’s panel seasons 1-3, returning for seasons 5-8, and then coming back for season 8 and season 10. This certainly leaves open the possibility that Levine could return to judge in future seasons.

In his announcement, the singer thanked producers, Carson Daly, and his fellow judges calling Shelton his “brother for life.” He asked fellow judges Kelly Clarkson and John Legend to “take care of the cowboy” and noted that he’ll probably be back “very very soon to say hi.” Is this a hint that he will return in some capacity? Maybe as a guest mentor?

Levine will be missed

Now that the Maroon 5 frontman is leaving the show, that leaves country singer Blake Shelton as the only remaining original judge on the show. For those that like the familiarity that Levine and Shelton provide to the show, his absence will be felt greatly.

Fans are also sure to miss Levine’s infamous bromance with the country star. Over the show’s 16 seasons, the bromance has turned into one of the most entertaining and enduring friendships. The jokes exchanged between the pair brought a lightness to the show and helped it stand out from other singing competitions.

Though the show has been heavily scrutinized for failing to produce any successful singers, it has always been one that fans could count on to entertain them.

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MTV dating show first to feature sexually fluid cast

THAT’S sure to bring the drama! MTV announces the first-ever dating competition show in the US with an entirely SEXUALLY-FLUID cast

  • ‘Are You The One?’ is a MTV dating competition show starring 16 people 
  • The group of men and women this season all identify as sexually fluid, meaning they don’t have a fixed sexual orientation
  • They will stay in Hawaii and compete to find love while also vying to win the $1 million prize at the end of the competition show
  • MTV’s show is the first in the US to feature an entirely sexually fluid cast
  • The show hopes to promote topics about gender and sexual fluidity  

MTV is breaking down barriers regarding sexuality and has announced its dating show cast this year will be the first ever in United States to all identify as sexually fluid. 

In June, the broadcast network will air another season of ‘Are You The One?’ — which stars 16 men and women in their 20s, who will be dropped off in Hawaii in hopes of finding the ‘perfect match’ while also competing for a $1 million grand prize. 

The cast members this year, though, are exclusively singles who identify as sexually fluid, meaning gender does not limit their options when finding a love interest. 

Time to find love! ‘Are You The One?’ is a MTV dating competition show starring 16 people

Open: The group of men and women this upcoming season all identify as sexually fluid on the show, meaning gender does not limit their options when finding a love interest 

Meet the contestants: There will be 16 singles on the show competing for love and the chance to win the $1 million prize at the end of the show

Included with the cast is Dr. Frankie, a relationship expert, who will help guide the contestants on the show and offer love advice while the singles discover if anyone on the island is for them. 

MTV also has TV star Terrence J. to host the reality show competition. His role will be to help guide the different contestants in their journey towards finding love. 

Besides focusing on the negative dating trends like ghosting and benching to direct contestants towards healthier relationships, the show will also focus on gender identity. 

The show aims to break down barriers and open up discussions about sexual fluidity by providing a platform for people who identify that way. 

With the help of the contestants, the show claims this season will focus on sharing powerful stories about people figuring out their sexual and gender identity.  

The announcement of the reality show’s sexual-fluid cast comes after the network decided to rid gender classifications during awards shows, specifically the MTV Movie and TV Awards.

Instead of Best Actress and Actor categories, the channel now provides a single Best Actor award.  

MTV was also a front-runner in previous shows that targeted issues relating to teenage pregnancy, relationships and sexual health. 

In 2009, the network aired its first season of 16 & Pregnant — which was designed to show teenagers the realities of getting pregnant at a young age and how it could impact their lives. Teen Mom then aired later in 2009. 

A study released in 2010 reported 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom prevented more than 20,000 births to teenage mothers for that year alone.  

Although there have been contradicting studies suggesting the show glamorized pregnancy and led to an increase in pregnancies in specific areas of the US, the teen shows also promoted difficult conversations related to pregnancy and sexual health. 

Similar to Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant, MTV’s ‘Are You The One?’ show attempts to tackle difficult set of topics. But for this season of the reality show, it will focus more on sexual identity.  

The new season of “Are You The One?” premieres on MTV on June 26.   

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Oh, Snap! Khloe Kardashian Expertly Responds to Scott Disick Hookup Rumors

All in the family! Khloé Kardashian is done listening to rogue commenters who claim she hooked up with her sister Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend Scott Disick.

“Refuse to believe they’ve never shagged,” an Instagram user wrote on Khloé’s birthday tribute to Disick.

The Revenge Body host, 34, was not having it, though. “The comment you made makes me feel sad for you,” she began in a lengthy response. “I feel sad for you because apparently you don’t have relationships in your life that can be completely platonic. You don’t have relationships where someone genuinely loves and cares about you without wanting anything else besides a friendship.”

Khloé continued to defend her close bond with Disick, 36. “Scott and I are family,” she explained. “Our family (Scott included) have experienced a ton together and we love each other fiercely because of it all.”

She concluded: “I really pray that you have healthy loving relationships in your life. Where it’s an equal give-and-take relationship. I hope you have some relationships in your life where ‘shagging’ is NOT involved. And I hope you stop saying the word shag lol.”

Khloé gushed about her Keeping Up With the Kardashians costar in a sweet Instagram post on Sunday, May 26. “Happy birthday to my brother @letthelordbewithyou !!! I am so thankful to have such an incredible addition such as you to our family!” she captioned a series of photos featuring the pals. “We have come such a long way, you and I! I am so thankful for every highs and lows because we have been through it all and we are closer than ever.”

The Strong Looks Better Naked author went on to boast about the relationship even more. “I am proud to say that you are my brother and also one of my best friends! Have the best birthday Lord!!” she remarked. “FOREVER the Lord and the Lady.”

Disick dated Kourtney, 40, for nine years before the duo called it quits for good in July 2015. The pair share son Mason, 9, daughter Penelope, 6, and son Reign, 4. The Flip It Like Disick star has since moved on with girlfriend Sofia Richie.

Khloé, meanwhile, split from boyfriend Tristan Thompson — the exes are parents of 13-month-old daughter True — in February after a cheating scandal involving Kylie Jenner’s best friend Jordyn Woods.

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Khloé Kardashian Would NEVER Have Sex With Scott Disick & She’s Disgusted You’d Think Otherw

Khloé Kardashian wants you to know that she would never, EVER hook up with Scott Disick.

The KUWTK star took to Instagram this week to tell off a commenter who thought otherwise, writing a lengthy response explaining that she and Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy were strictly platonic.

It started when an IG user made an untoward comment on KoKo’s post that wished her sister’s ex a happy 36th birthday. The post included a cute series of pics of the two, along with a sweet caption where the 34-year-old said she was “proud” to call Scott her “brother and also one of best friends.”

While most responses were full of love, one user was apparently in more of a lustful mood, as they wrote:

“Refuse to believe they’ve never shagged.”


We mean… ew!

Khloe was clearly miffed by this incestuous implication, and she issued a response that was nothing short of dramatic.

The reality star let her gutter-minded follower know that Scott is part of her *family* and that *family* abides by a certain set of rules — the most important of which has always been: NEVER go after D that is currently and/or has previously been possessed by your sister.

That’s just, like, the rules of Kar-Jennerism.

Read her full response (below):

“The comment you made makes me feel sad for you. I feel sad for you because apparently you don’t have relationships in your life that can’t be completely platonic. You don’t have relationships where someone genuinely loves and cares about you without wanting anything else besides a friendship. Scott and I are family. Our family (Scott included) have experienced a ton together and we love each other fiercely because of it all. I really pray that you have healthy loving relationships in your life where ‘shagging’ is NOT involved. And I hope you stop saying the word shag lol… Happy Memorial Day”

Clearly, she’s not here for the Scott-Khloe shipping one bit, and we don’t really blame her. The last thing gurl needs right now is Kourtney getting suspicious! (LOLz)

But why is she so against the word “shag”???

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Kristin Kreuk’s ‘Burden of Truth’ Gets Season 3 Renewal Ahead of Season 2 Premiere

Kristin Kreuk‘s series, Burden of Truth, was just picked up for an additional season!

According to Deadline, the series will have eight new episodes coming in 2020 and will begin shooting this summer in Manitoba.

Kristin spoke to ET about the new season, which premieres on Sunday, June 2nd on The CW.

“She’s starting off the new season invigorated: This is going to be great! I’m going to change. Screw my dad, hate that guy. I’m not going to be a Hanley, I’m going to be Chang. That’s going to be my new life.,” Kristin says of her character Joanna.

She continues, “We start the season with her at her new law firm, where she’s a partner and it’s more a touchy-feely type law firm, where people talk about their feelings and people talk about sex. The case she is confronted with is a hacktivist case and all about the privacy movement. Her life ends up being on the line or at least she’s threatened quite intensely.”

Kristin adds about Joanna’s life being on the line that the “hacktivist who believes that we all should have internet privacy and privacy in our lives. What happens is he creates a problem for his former employers who are mining data in a way that’s very questionable.”

“They are a huge conglomerate and that puts Joanna at risk because she starts defending Noah and discovering these things.”

Check out the season sneak peek below!

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Taron Egerton Isn't a Household Name Yet, but Rocketman Will Hopefully Change That

Taron Egerton Isn’t a Household Name Yet, but Rocketman Will Hopefully Change That

Elton John’s musical biopic Rocketman is now in theaters, and if you’ve seen the first full-length trailer, then you know it’s a wacky, wild, emotional ride. The film, which is produced by John himself, tracks the pop icon’s rise from an ordinary youth to an international music sensation and showman. Although actor Taron Egerton, who plays John, has been around Hollywood for a few years now, he’s still not quite an A-list name. Here’s what you need to know about the young Welsh actor who earned John’s personal approval for the role.

For the most part, Egerton’s career has been in very British movies. After graduating with his acting degree from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, he snagged a couple of roles on British television. From there, his film career really kicked off in 2014, when he starred in two very different movies that both earned notice: as soldier Edward Brittain in the World War I drama Testament of Youth — which earned Egerton a nomination for the best newcomer award at the London Film Festival — and as young spy “Eggsy” in the spy comedy Kingsman: The Secret Service. He then reprised his Kingsman role in 2017 for the sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

Egerton learned to play piano and really does sing in Rocketman, but it’s not his first time singing for a film. In 2016, Egerton voiced the character of Johnny for the animated musical comedy Sing and was required to sing two songs. In a prophetic turn of events, one of the songs he recorded was “I’m Still Standing” — one of John’s big hits. He also lent his vocals to a cover of The Zombies’ “The Way I Feel Inside.”

In 2018, Egerton tackled two very different movies about criminal financial activity. He costarred with Ansel Elgort, Jeremy Irvine, and Emma Roberts in Billionaire Boys Club, a movie about a real-life criminal ring in the 1980s; the movie was delayed by sexual harassment and assault claims against costar Kevin Spacey and was eventually released to critical and commercial failure. Egerton’s Robin Hood, an origin-story-style adventure film, also met with weak box office and reviews. However, with Rocketman, Egerton’s fortunes may be about to take a turn for the better! You can check out some of his previous roles in the gallery below.

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