Watch Zlatan Ibrahimovic show he's still got it with stunning bicycle kick for LA Galaxy

ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC was up to his old tricks – quite literally – as he smashed in a sensational bicycle kick for LA Galaxy.

The Swedish striker, now 37, rolled back the years with another of his trademark finishes.

After a long throw into the box, the ball was flicked on before Joe Corona showed good feet to help it on again.

Then it was all about Zlatan.

He brought it down on his chest, facing the goal, around ten yards out.

But with two defenders closing in on him, the giant Swede flicked the ball back up and behind him.

Turning away from goal and under pressure from the defender, he suddenly launched himself into the air.

And Ibra got the sweetest of connections on the overhead kick to send it flying into the back of the net.


The crowd and his team-mates went wild but Zlatan – being Zlatan – simply got up, walked backwards and stared out the goalkeeper to celebrate before running back to the centre-circle.

But while it will certainly be in the running for Goal of the Season, Ibrahimovic's heroics were not enough to prevent the Galaxy slipping to defeat.

New England already led 2-0 last night before Zlatan – who was banned in May for two matches for grabbing an opponent's throat – powered home for what was in the end a mere consolation.

LA Galaxy sit second in the MLS Western Conference, a whopping nine points behind city rivals LAFC after just 16 matches.

Ibra's goal was mightily impressive – the kind we have got used to seeing from the 6ft 5ins forward over the years.

But it did not come close to his greatest goal, when he produced an utterly-ridiculous finish against England in 2012.

In the game to open Sweden's new stadium, he scored all four – from four shots on target.

The pick of the bunch was his 30-yard overhead kick in injury time following Joe Hart's headed clearance as debutant Ryan Shawcross slid into the goal in vain.


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Arsenal fans desperate NOT to sign ageing Boateng from Bayern Munich even to replace error prone Mustafi

ARSENAL fans have begged the club not to sign Jerome Boateng – even though he would replace struggling Shkodran Mustafi in the first team.

The 30-year-old looks set to leave Bayern Munich this summer after failing to impress under the management of Niko Kovac.

Boateng has attracted interest from a number of Europe's biggest clubs including Arsenal, Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain and Inter Milan.

And he could be available for just £20m after Bayern president Uli Hoeness advised him to leave.

Unai Emery is desperate to bring in defensive reinforcements, but fans are not convinced the German is the answer to their problems.

Speaking on Twitter, one said: "I really hope we don't buy Jerome Boateng. Buying these finished players is not the right direction for the club. I don't think it's gonna happen."

Another said: "Boateng lol. Listen Arsenal need to fix up and sign far far more cleverly. Go for that young CB from Leipzig. Boateng is finished. He's worse than Mustafi."

While one claimed: "Arsenal fans want him? Boateng is 30 and will demand big wages. Great career but he's been struggling with injuries last few and I believe he is past his best.

"Why invest our limited budget in someone that has no resell value too?"

Arsenal fans want to replace Mustafi following his disastrous spell in North London since he joined from Valencia in 2016.

Teenage sensation Ozan Bakan has emerged as another option for Arsenal following his sublime spell of form for Stuttgart.

Espanyol defender Mario Hermoso has also been linked and is expected to cost just £18m.





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Emmerdale fans divided by Victoria Barton’s drastic hair transformation

Emmerdale fans are divided over Victoria Barton's drastic hair transformation.

Victoria, played by Isobel Hodgins, returned to the village tonight after heading to France with brother Robert Sugden.

Her brand new hairstyle was a hit with Moira Barton, who welcomed her back with a big hug and said she looked "amazing".

"I just fancied a change," said Vic, while Moira added that it really suited the Woolpack chef.

Diane Sugden, who confessed she had really missed Victoria, said: "I love your hair. It looks great on you."

Explaining the reason for the change, Victoria said: "And easier to maintain too."

Some Emmerdale viewers on Twitter thought Victoria really suited the new look.

One tweeted: "I’m no Vidal-Sassoon, but this sassy pixie-cut of Victoria’s really suits her."

"How cute is Victoria's new hair," added another.

A third said: "Victoria looks great with her new hair cut. Shouldn't say this but she's very foxy

However, it was not popular with everyone and others preferred her former hairstyle.

Victoria’s hair looks awful 🙁 she had beautiful hair too," said one viewer.

Another agreed: "Why do the characters keep saying #Victoria's hair looks gorgeous? Who are they trying to convince?"

"Victoria's hair must've been confiscated by customs," joked a third.

After arriving home, Victoria decided that she could not live in the house where she was raped.

Later on, she told Robert and Diane that she had come to a decision about her pregnancy.

They assumed she was going to have an abortion, but Victoria told them she was going to keep the baby.

*Emmerdale airs weekdays on ITV at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursdays at 8pm

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Afghan Taliban leader pledges to keep fighting until goals met

KABUL (Reuters) – The head of the Afghan Taliban pledged on Saturday to continue fighting until the movement’s objectives were reached and indicated it was still not ready to open talks with the Western-backed government in Kabul.

In his annual message ahead of next week’s Eid al-Fitr holiday, Mullah Haibatullah Akhundzada sought to reassure Afghans that the Taliban wanted an end to decades of conflict and a government that represented all Afghans.

But he offered little sign of agreeing to a ceasefire or of opening direct negotiations with the Kabul government, which the Taliban regard as an illegitimate foreign-imposed regime.

He also gave no sign the Taliban would repeat last year’s truce over the three-day Eid holiday that ends the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which led to unprecedented scenes of Taliban fighters and government soldiers mingling and even embracing in the streets of Kabul.

“No one should expect us to pour cold water on the heated battlefronts of Jihad or forget our 40-year sacrifices before reaching our objectives,” he said in the message, adding that the Taliban aimed for “an end to the occupation and establishment of an Islamic system”.

Taliban representatives have been talking with U.S. diplomats for months about withdrawing more than 20,000 U.S. and NATO coalition troops in exchange for guarantees that Afghanistan will not be used as a base for militant attacks.

They have also met senior Afghan politicians and civil society representatives, most recently in Moscow this week, as part of a so-called intra-Afghan dialogue to discuss the country’s future.

But they have shown no sign of agreeing to demands for a ceasefire and formal negotiations with President Ashraf Ghani’s government, which Mullah Haibatullah accused of trying to sabotage dialogue between the Islamic Emirate and Afghan political figures.

“The Islamic Emirate shall pay no heed to such futile efforts and diplomatic obstructions being created for the intra-Afghan dialogue,” he said.

Afghan officials have been deeply suspicious of the talks, which they see as a means of reinforcing the Taliban and powerful regional politicians while sidelining the legitimate government.

The Eid message offered assurances that the Taliban did not seek a monopoly over power and would respect all the rights of male and female Afghans and develop education, commerce, employment and welfare.

But it did not tackle one of the key concerns in Kabul – whether the Taliban would accept the current constitutional framework of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan or insist on an Islamic Emirate, the name given to their own system.

“The Islamic Emirate seeks the establishment of a sovereign, Islamic and inclusive government acceptable to all Afghans in our beloved homeland,” the message said.

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Chilling treatment of mums desperate for justice after Tiananmen Square massacre

Their hair maybe greying now and their bodies frail, but to the Chinese government this week, this group of elderly pensioners are public enemy number one.

If anything is evidence of the country’s repressive, surveillance state, it is the treatment of the Tiananmen Mothers, a group of octogenarians whose loved ones, in most cases their children, were murdered in the Tiananmen Square massacre 30 years ago.

Since the Communist Party ’s brutal military crackdown in Bejing’s infamous Square on June 3, 1989, and into the early hours of the following day, its bloody solution to 50 days of peaceful, pro-democracy protests , these grief-stricken ‘Mothers’ have been calling for it to accept accountability for what highest estimates claim was as many as 10,000 murders.

Yet the authorities will not even release an official toll, or sanction public commemoration of the event.

Weeks ahead of the anniversary, many of the Mothers are stripped of freedom, some even detained “in handcuffs”, to stop them drawing attention to an episode the authorities want erased from history to eradicate any chance of it stirring dissent today.

This year, in order to ensure their voices were heard before the lockdown, they released an open letter months ago to the organisation Human Rights In China.

Ding Zilin, 82, one of the group’s founders, whose son, 17-year-old student Jiang Jielian, was shot dead as he joined non-violent protesters on the streets, paints a disturbing picture.

Believed to be writing on behalf of the group, she said: “The authorities send carloads of agents to stand guard in front of our homes and forbid us to go out or receive guests freely whenever a politically sensitive period rolls around.

“Even when they do let us leave our homes, there are police officers, or plainclothes agents, and vehicles on our tail.

“Our phones are tapped; our computers are hacked. Some of us even have surveillance cameras installed in and outside our homes.

“And some have been more than once called in by the police, put under residential surveillance and/or criminal detention, and even taken to the detention centre in handcuffs.”

Many of the group’s members have been impossible to reach ahead of the 30-year anniversary because they are so closely guarded.

On 20 May, Ding was ordered by police to leave her home in Beijing and travel more than 1,100km to her hometown Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, to keep her out of the city.

It is a grave situation in the world’s second largest economy, which can only add weight to allegations the expansion of Chinese tech giant Huawei here in the UK, could be a government-driven ploy to secretly gather data on British residents through 5G infrastructure – allegations the company has strongly denied.

Sophie Richardson, a spokesperson for Human Rights Watch said: “Three decades after killing untold peaceful protestors, the fact President Xi’s government—the world’s second largest economy, the world’s largest standing army, a P5 member state, and a signatory to multiple international human rights instruments – cannot tolerate peaceful observation of this sombre occasion, let alone hope for any accountability, should cause alarm around the world.

“If the Tiananmen Mothers – a tiny handful of octogenarians who simply want the truth about what happened to their loved ones – cannot hope for a modicum of justice, what can anyone really expect from the Chinese government?”

The most detailed access to the Mothers has been through the open letter Ding managed to pen on behalf of their 127 members in March, released to human rights groups before the most brutal lockdown began.

Calling the group the “guardians of the souls of the June Fourth martyrs”, she describes how ageing members are dying heartbroken because they have not been able to win justice for their loved ones.

One member, Mr. Ya Weilin, whose son Ya Aiguo was killed, committed suicide seven years ago because of his grief.

She said: “Our tears are drained, our strength is exhausted, and our hearts are shattered.

“All our efforts to clear your names have yet to be successful. We are filled with guilt and remorse, and unbearable grief.”

She adds: “The massacre took place under the glare of the whole world.

“For years, many streets and alleys of Beijing were riddled with bullet holes and stained with blood.

“Thirty years later, while the criminal evidence has been covered up by the facade of “prosperity” made up of towering buildings and clustering overpasses, the hard facts of the massacre are etched into history.”

It was the death of former Communist Party leader, Hu Yaobang, on April 15 1989, which provided the spark for the pro-democracy protests.

He had worked for reform, and his loss prompted thousands to march through Bejing.

On May 13, more than 100 students began a hunger strike in Tiananmen Square. A later rally drew 1.2 million people, prompting martial law.

By June 3, the government military were combing the streets killing demonstrators and civilians. By 1am they reached the square.

Tiananmen means ‘gate of heavenly peace’; the irony is acute.

Two years ago a formerly classified British diplomatic cable was released, alleging at least 10,000 were killed there.

It also gave horrifying detail, stating wounded female students were bayoneted, and human remains were “hosed down the drains”.

The iconic ‘tank man’ may have survived, but many more were flattened by the tanks the government sent in.

Since forming in 1995, the Tiananmen Mothers have sent open letters to the annual sessions of China’s Two Congresses—meetings of the National People’s Congress and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference—and the country’s leaders.

These have demanded “truth, compensation, and accountability.”

They want a national day of mourning each year, the erection of monuments and cemeteries, and a state funeral for the victims.

“So that the national trauma will not be forgotten and the June Fourth tragedy will not be repeated,” Ding writes.

But the group says it never receives a response.

“They have pretended not to hear and have never paid any attention,” she said.

“All we have received in return for our goodwill and sincerity is ever harsher control on us family members of the victims by public security, domestic security, and national security agents.”

Now, the Tiananmen Mothers, with Human Rights in China (HRIC), have documented 202 individuals who were killed in the massacre, in their Unforgotten project.

Through interviews with families, it puts faces and human stories to the massacre Bejing hopes will die in the national consciousness when this elderly group does.

But although old, the Tiananmen Mothers aren’t prepared to give up.

“What we are steadfastly holding out for is simply the long overdue justice,” said Ding.

  • For more information on the Unforgotten project visit Human Rights In China at

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Racing Report Card: A sprinter destined for Royal Ascot, a newcomer to note at Nottingham and

FRESH off the back of Epsom, it was France's turn in the sun with their Derby on Sunday afternoon.

We've been keeping a close eye on the action across the tracks and picked out some snippets you may have missed.


A sprinter heading to Royal Ascot 🎩

2.05 Chantilly – Inns Of Court

The master that is Andre Fabre has got a new lease of life from Inns Of Court since his Hong Kong exertions.

This was far from a strong Group 2, but he cruised through the race as if it was a piece of work and will be one of the leading lights for France at Ascot with the Diamond Jubilee his aim.

He's now five, but odds of 10-1 are as big as you can find for a wide-open looking Diamond Jubilee.

Newcomer to note 👶

2.10 Nottingham – Al Aakif

William Haggas's debutant was all the rage in the betting and made no mistake with a smooth win under Jim Crowley.

It was smooth on the track, but far from it off it. He unseated Crowley on the way to post and was a big baby in the stalls.

He should come on for this and from a yard not known for its two-year-olds, he could spring a surprise or two this summer.

A horse on the up 📈

3.25 Chantilly – Sottsass

The French have had their arse kicked on numerous occasions by British raiders. But it wasn't to be this time around, with Jean Claude-Rouget's Sottsass a clear winner of the French Derby at Chantilly.

The field were well-spread crossing the line, and with Persian King travelling like the winner throughout, it was a taking move that took the spoils.

Rouget has won this race with the likes of Brametot and Almanzor in recent years, and Sottsass's entry in the Irish Champion Stakes should not be ignored. He looks a proper horse.

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‘The Passage’ Team on Designing the End of the World

In the penultimate episode of “The Passage,” the virals escape their glass boxes and stalk the halls of Project Noah, looking to feed and get revenge on those who imprisoned them and turned them into blood-drinking immortal creatures in the first place. In the midst of the chaos, protagonists including Brad Wolgast (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), Dr. Lila Kyle (Emmanuelle Chriqui) and Amy Bellafonte (Saniyya Sidney) are trying to leave Project Noah as well. Their trek down a hallway includes multiple virals in their path, and culminates in an outdoor confrontation full of gunfire and hand-to-hand combat. While Brad and Amy are kept safe, the same cannot be said for Clark Richards (Vincent Piazza), who is thrown dozens of feet in the air, eventually striking a tree, left for dead.

Jason Ensler
“The scene had to act as a big release. From the perspective of how we stay in the heads of our characters, it was really about getting wide lenses close on our heroes Wolgast, Amy, Lila as they run from the virals in the hallway, and then getting longer lenses on the virals so it almost felt like their points of views. It was about efficiently staging it, but luckily I’m in a straight line, so I’m only really shooting it on one axis. I also had to create the proper amount of chaos for your eye so that editorially I could get away with a few things and still keep the story moving. That’s why we did the flashing red lights and the female viral who rips down the light and creates the spark effect. [Outside] we had a lot of stunt players because it was a dangerous sequence, but I spent some time on Carter [McKinley Belcher III], to pit Carter against Richards, just to give him a formidable and known adversary.”

Byron Shah
Director of photography
“When we were out on the front lawn of Project Noah, we had a 50-foot Super Technocrane because we wanted to get overhead angles that would give us a sense of geography about how the virals are swarming the darkness and are discouraged by the bright lights. The A-camera on the crane was wide and close to the action so we could be on our heroes as they ran out, and then we also had a B and C camera getting close-ups. Stylistically we had been building toward this climax all season. Powerful light is one of the last refuges you have against these virals. We were really only keying the scene from the building, so all the light was meant to be coming from that super powerful bright light blasting from the building. We were shooting white and putting the red in on set, in-camera so it was a totally even balanced image recording. If you use red gel, you’re restricted because you’re not really photographing a full-bandwidth image.”

Tracey Anderson
Makeup department head
“That scene where they’re running outside, there’s like 15 virals running around, and you don’t know what you’re going to see. We have to get it right in the morning and jump in to touch up whenever we can. Addison Foreman was my key makeup artist and would airbrush McKinley Belcher III’s skin tone down so he had more of a deathly pallor to him, and then the two of us would lay down the veins. The amount of veins we used on him were five times the amount we used on other virals. I had asked if he could always be in that T-shirt because his arms are so incredible and you really see the veining in the arms, and that’s more effective. We used a lot of reds and purples because those are colors that are going to be the most effective, no matter what lighting; you’re never going to lose those colors.”

John Copeman
Stunt coordinator
“Jason knew he wanted the guy thrown from about 20 feet away. We had a day to rehearse it and we used an air ratchet, which is basically a piston you put air in and it retracts and yanks the person. We started with a test bag, weighted to match the stunt man, a gentleman named Fernando Campos. We put pads all around the tree, and once we got the distance and the pressure dialed in, we put Fernando on the line. He wore pads, and we would gradually go from an 8-inch pad to a 6-inch pad to a 2-inch pad, but he was actually being decelerated before he hit the tree, so he wasn’t hitting full-blast. On the day we were about 27 feet away, and it was 5 a.m., cold, and there was a gremlin in the machine, so the ratchet wasn’t performing fully, but we covered it really well.”

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Royal Ascot 2019: Course specialist can thrive in wide-open Diamond Jubilee Stakes

JAMES FANSHAWE knows what it takes to win the Diamond Jubilee Stakes.

The Tin Man – long his pride and joy – took the sprint back in 2017, before a traffic-laden fourth last summer.

His season always revolves around this Group 1, followed by the Champions' Day Sprint that concludes the Flat season.

Fanshawe knows how to get him there and his comeback defeat at Windsor last month is of little concern.

It was made crystal clear he would come on by the bucket load for that and he didn't run much worse than when he took the same Listed race in 2017 on numbers.

He remained around the same price for the Diamond Jubilee in the aftermath, and with plenty of 12-1 around – he looks tremendous value.

Invincible Army deservedly heads the market at around 5-1, but besides him, there's little else to fear, with the likes of Blue Point primed for the King's Stand instead.

French challengers Inns Of Court and last year's runner-up City Light both look plenty short enough.

City Light has done little since he was second in this last summer and Inns Of Court has been beaten by the likes of Snazzy Jazzy and One Master in the last year – both horses nowhere near the top level on British soil.

There's no doubting The Tin Man's Ascot target and he will certainly go off shorter than the current 12-1 available.

Diamond Jubilee Stakes

Saturday 22 June 4.20 Diamond Jubilee Stakes – The Tin Man (12-1 William Hill)

He has run over the six furlong course at Ascot eight times, winning three times, two of those Group 1s.

He loves summer ground – but has won at the top level on heavy too – and the stiff six at Ascot plays perfectly into his hold up style. Although he suffered last year when meeting plenty of traffic before flying home for an unlucky fourth.

In a weak sprinting division, it looks worth sticking with the tried and tested recipe. The Tin Man fits that bill perfectly.

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McDonald's reveals most popular breakfast order on Uber Eats – and the branch with the most orders

MCDONALD's is often the restaurant choice to help you through a hangover, but which menu items are fans are most likely to order? We reveal all.

You might be partial to a cheesy bacon flatbread, blueberry muffin or even a toasted bagel, but the nation has spoken and it seems the double sausage and egg McMuffin takes your hangover crown.

The dish, which sees two sausage pork patties, a slice of cheese, and a poached egg all sandwiched between a toasted English muffin, is the most ordered McDonald's breakfast item on the Uber Eats delivery app.

Can your £2.79 – the average price of a double sausage and egg McMuffin – really get you anything better?

Interestingly the third most popular Maccies breakfast dish ordered on Uber Eats is also the double sausage and egg McMuffin but this time as an extra value meal.

This is where you pay an extra £1.40 on average for a hash brown or bag of fruit and a hot drink or orange juice, taking your total order to £4.19.

And we can't leave out the second most popular item – the humble hash brown, which costs a mere 79p on average for one.

And which is the busiest branch for delivery orders? That's Canning Town in east London, although McDonald's wouldn't tell us how many order in total go through its doors each day.

Of course, McDonald's isn't the healthiest option with 565 calories in the double sausage and egg McMuffin and 136 in a hash brown.

An adult man should eat around 2,500 calories a day while it's 2,000 for a woman, according to NHS guidelines.

You'll also be charged extra if you can't pick yourself up off the sofa to head down to your local branch in person.

That's because there is a £3.50 delivery fee on all McDonald's Uber Eats orders, although you may be pleased to hear there isn't a minimum spend.

To get a McDonald's delivery you also need to live within 1.5miles of your nearest branch and not all branches deliver. Use McDonald's store locator tool to check your local.

Fans of the takeaway app will be pleased to hear Uber Eats plans "to offer £8 a month" food service for UNLIMITED deliveries called "Eats Pass".

But Uber Eats couriers are delivering McDonald’s meals to schools despite a ban to tackle childhood obesity.

And if none these breakfast items take your fancy then why not check out McDonald’s favourite dishes from around world including a Baci McFlurry.

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George and Charlotte to have a bigger role at Trooping the Colour this year alongside mum Kate Middleton, royal expert predicts

FORGET the 'Fab Four' – to many royal fans Prince George and Princess Charlotte are the stand out stars in the family.

So it will be welcome news that the eldest two children of Prince William and Kate Middleton could be given a bigger role at Trooping the Colour at the weekend.

Royal experts have predicted that the six-year-old prince and four-year-old princess could make their debut carriage ride in the parade at Horse Guards Parade on Saturday alongside their mum, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Previously, the pair have appeared with their parents on the balcony at Buckingham Palace for the event, which celebrates the Queen's official birthday.

But, the children have reached the same age that their father, the Duke of Cambridge, and uncle Prince Harry reached when they first rode in the procession with their mum Princess Diana and the Queen Mother.

In 2011, William rode on horseback for the first time, and he is expected to do the same this year.

The year was also the first since his wedding to Kate, who rode in a carriage.

It is believed their youngest child, Prince Louis, will be making his Trooping the Colour debut on the balcony with the rest of his family.

Last year, he was just two months old when the event took place, meaning he stayed at home.

The occasion was also the first time Meghan Markle attended and she rode in a carriage with Prince Harry before appearing on the balcony.

It came just a couple of weeks after their wedding, and the Duchess of Sussex was seen giving Harry a loving look on the balcony.

However, it is unclear whether the new mum to baby son Archie will attend this year as she is still on her expected three-month maternity leave.

Meghan will be avoiding meeting up with US President Donald Trump this week like the rest of the royals.

Princess Diana's first Trooping the Colour after her wedding to Prince Charles was in 1982 when she appeared on the balcony pregnant with William.

Last week, we told you how William and Harry "didn't see each other in private for six months after the Royal Wedding".

We also revealed how Prince William "treated Kate like a servant rather than a girlfriend" at university, a royal biographer has claimed.

And "competitive" Prince William has "issues" with Prince Harry since he married Meghan Markle, according to another expert.

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