Adrien Broner Sued Over 2018 Sexual Assault Incident, No, Not That One, Another One

Welterweight boxer and all-around shitheel Adrien Broner is being sued in Ohio by a woman he sexually assaulted in a club in Cleveland in June 2018. For those keeping score at home, this is at least the second incident from the first half of 2018 where Broner was arrested for allegedly attacking and sexually assaulting a perfect stranger.

In the June incident, Broner is accused of throwing himself on a woman who was seated on a couch at The Park Social Lounge in Cleveland, which was crowded with patrons watching Game 4 of the NBA Finals. The lawsuit says Broner pinned the woman on her back and assaulted her, in full view of, and in at least one case in physical contact with, startled onlookers. From a summary provided in a press release by the victim’s lawyers:

According to the complaint, Mr. Broner “thrust himself on to [the victim], pinned her beneath his body, and began kissing her.” The suit alleges that she struggled to free herself but was unable to push him off of her as he stuck his tongue down her throat, kissed her neck and body, and continued pressing himself on her. The complaint alleges that one of Mr. Broner’s friends pulled him off of her after a bystander snapped a photo of the assault.

Broner was eventually charged with assault and unlawful restraint over the attack, and pled guilty to those charges last month, receiving a sentence of probation. You may remember, Broner had a similar incident just a few months earlier, in February 2018, when a woman standing outside a retailer in an Atlanta mall said Broner “touched her butt, thigh and ‘private parts’ without her permission.” Broner was charged with misdemeanor sexual battery, but in March of this year prosecutors decided there wasn’t enough evidence to proceed with a trial and those charges were dropped. According to the Ohio lawsuit, Broner had to miss a pretrial date related to charges from the Cleveland incident because he had a court appearance scheduled for that same day, in Georgia, for the Atlanta incident.

The victim of the June attack is seeking “damages for pain and suffering, mental anguish, emotional distress, humiliation, and inconvenience,” as well as punitive damages. You can view the lawsuit, which includes one “useless bystander” and one “less-useless bystander,” below.

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