Champions League sponsors 'demand answers from UEFA' over final chaos

UEFA under pressure from multi-million pound sponsors like Heineken and PlayStation as they ‘demand answers’ over Champions League final chaos after VIPs ‘were tear-gassed and targeted by violent gangs’ with Liverpool and Real Madrid fans

  • The Champions League final in Paris was overshadowed by dangerous scenes
  • Liverpool and Real Madrid fans were tear-gassed by police and charged by gangs
  • UEFA’s multi-million pound sponsors are also reportedly putting pressure on 
  • VIP guests complained about being caught up in the chaos at Stade de France
  • SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: Only restraint of Liverpool fans averted disaster  

UEFA’s multi-million pound sponsors ‘are demanding answers’ after their VIP guests were caught up in the chaos that overshadowed the Champions League final in Paris.

Corporate guests from the likes of Just Eat, Heineken and PlayStation were reportedly caught up in frightening and dangerous scenes along with Liverpool and Real Madrid fans outside the Stade de France.

The Daily Mirror report that these attendees were tear-gassed by French police and forced to run the gauntlet of local youths intent on assaulting and robbing fans as they tried to get back to VIP coaches.

The newspaper says UEFA has received a host of complaints from companies who pay millions to sponsor the Champions League. It could lead to the companies withdrawing their financial backing.

UEFA has announced an independent review into the shambolic events in Paris to be led by the former Portuguese education minister Dr Tiago Brandao Rodrigues.

Liverpool and Real Madrid fans were teargassed by police and almost crushed outside the Stade de France ahead of the Champions League final – with VIP guests of UEFA sponsors also reportedly caught up in the chaos

Champions League sponsors, who pay millions to UEFA, are demanding answers after their corporate guests were caught up in the chaos before and after the final 

UEFA has ‘sincerely’ apologised to all fans affected by the chaotic events late last month and an independent investigation has been launched 

It came as a special investigation by the Mail on Sunday revealed how the complete breakdown of law and order outside the stadium before and after the final almost led to fatalities.

Experts said Liverpool supporters caught up in crush conditions while queuing to get inside only avoided serious injury, or worse, because of the memory of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster, in which 97 of their fans died, led to them showing patience and restraint.

A massive IT failure contributed to the chaos, contradicting the accounts of the French police and government, who sought to blame the scenes on thousands of Liverpool fans with counterfeit tickets. 

French police fired tear gas and pepper spray at Liverpool supporters outside the stadium

French authorities have tried to blame the chaos on Liverpool fans with counterfeit tickets  

Fans of both Liverpool and Real were subject to brutal violence by roaming gangs of Parisian youths, causing a major political issue for President Emmanuel Macron with the Olympics only two years away.

Gangs – some armed with iron bars – mugged and assaulted fans despite the strong police presence, while some climbed barriers and fences to get into the match.

Police tactics in kettling fans into a narrow corridor created a death trap and could have resulted in serial fatalities within minutes.

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