Deontay Wilder's axed coach tells American he's 'inished after Tyson Fury loss and brands him a one-trick pony

DEONTAY WILDER's former coach Mark Breland has branded the ex-WBC heavyweight champion a one-trick pony and claimed his career is 'done' following his brutal loss to Tyson Fury.

Wilder's reign as WBC king came to an end last February at the hands of The Gypsy King, who recorded a stunning seventh-round TKO win in Las Vegas.

After seeing his man take a battering, Breland mercifully threw in the towel – an act which saw Wilder fire him from his team and prompted a wave of allegations.

And nearly a year after that fateful night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, former WBA welterweight champion Breland has fired back at The Bronze Bomber.

During an appearance on the Fight is Right podcast, he said "My whole thing with Deontay is part of boxing I guess.

"His career is done now, I'm done and he's done, I'm done with him."

Breland, like many others, believes Wilder is a one-dimensional fighter.

The 57-year-old added: "He's got a lot of power but that's all, I wish him well and that's it.


"He's only got his power and we'll see how far that takes him. That's all I'm going to say.

"I'd been working with him since he turned pro and nothing had happened until [the defeat].

"Some people cant take a loss; don't blame everybody else, go back and think about yourself."

Wilder, 35, hasn't fought since Fury handed him the first loss of his professional career.

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the Olympic bronze medallist was set to have a trilogy fight with the Brit.

Fury, however, is now in negotiations over a blockbuster heavyweight title unification bout with Anthony Joshua.

Wilder believes he's contractually entitled to a third fight, although Team Fury are adamant his rematch clause expired last October.

The Alabama bruiser has sought legal action to try and resolve the situation and secure a third bout.

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