ESPN star Scott Van Pelt tests positive for COVID-19

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COVID-19 isn’t just canceling and postponing games, it is impacting sports’ popular shows, too.

Scott Van Pelt, the entertaining host of ESPN’s midnight “SportsCenter,” will be off the air after testing positive for the virus.

“Won’t be doing shows for a bit after a positive Covid-19 test,” he tweeted. “Thankfully, no fever & I feel fine. Just can’t smell or taste anything which was my clue to go get a test. So, I will hunker down and hopefully can be back at it before too long.”

Van Pelt’s “One Big Thing” and “Bad Beats” segments have become popular components of his show. But for the time being, they will be on hiatus.

The 54-year-old Van Pelt also wrote his dog Otis tore his ACL this week.

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