Horror moment NASCAR crew member is thrown into air after being ploughed into in pit lane at Talladega Superspeedway

WATCH the shock moment a NASCAR crew member is wiped out by a truck during a race at the famed Talladega Superspeedway.

The mechanic is midway through a stop from his own team when a truck screeches out of the box behind, taking him out.

Clipped by the rear of the hulking vehicle, he does incredibly well to bounce back up and recover to complete his own team's tyre change.

The NASCAR truck event at iconic Alabama circuit Talladega took place earlier this month.

Headcam footage from the crew member shows how the dramatic moment unfolded.

Local media name the mechanic as Kyle Warner, who was getting to work on No3 Jordan Anderson's car in the pits.

After changing the rear left, he busts around the back of the car to secure the other tyre.

But Austin Hill's imposing No16 truck comes hurtling out of its box just as he turns across the rear of his car.

The footage, via Caters Clips, shows Warner taking a horrible smack on the floor and lying dazed for a second or two.

However, he manages to hop back up and race around to complete a successful change of the right rear tyre.

Warner did lose time, naturally, but not in the way one might expect.

Showing no signs of hurt himself, he quickly realises his wheel gun has become disconnected and reaches over to pull the wire back in.

With hardly a few seconds lost, Warner completes the change for Anderson to race off to a sixth-placed finish, at which point fellow pit crew members are seen walking towards the beleaguered mechanic.

His condition post-race is unknown.

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