Jake Paul says Floyd Mayweather is 'thirsty' for attention after calling out him and 50 Cent following Logan Paul fight

JAKE PAUL has claimed Floyd Mayweather challenged him to a fight because he's 'thirsty for clout'.

The former four-weight world champion was set to throw down with Paul's elder brother, Logan, in an exhibition bout last month.

And shortly after the postponement of the fight, the 44-year-old Mayweather publicly called out Paul and his old friend 50 Cent.

Paul, 24, wasn't in the slightest bit surprised by the call-out, telling ES News: "He's thirsty for clout.

"He's just calling everyone out. 50 Cent, my brother. But I cooked him, I put him on stilts.

"I had him like this, 'Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa."

Paul, who is gearing up for a boxing match with former UFC star Ben Askren,was on the receiving end of a blistering rant from Mayweather in early February.

The Money man wrote: "Jake Paul is talking about he don't do exhibitions, them two bulls**t boxing matches he had were exhibitions.


"They were not against real professional boxers.

"And I don’t even play when it comes to education because millions of blacks got lynched just for reading.

"Let me see, you went to get a black boxing trainer, try to dress like you're black, wear jewellery like black people, try to dance like black people, but you don't want to be BLACK.

"All you do is jack black swag from us.

"You go from groupie fan to a fake professional fighter, this world is crazy."

A new date for Mayweather's clash with Logan has yet to be finalised, although the boxing legend has claimed he'll bank a huge payday for facing the YouTuber.

He told Rob Moore: “I can fight a fighter right now and guarantee myself $35 million.

"Eventually, I can probably make $50 million, right? It’s just a regular fight.

“Or me and Logan Paul and a YouTuber can go out and have fun and make nine figures, a $100 million or more.

"So if you were me and you were retired because everyone thinks that you’re at home with your feet up, and you’re picking up weight, your growing, and your hair is getting grey.

“I prefer to still go out, entertain and have fun. Just because I go out, entertain, and have fun doesn’t mean I still want to fight.

"I mean, I still want to fight as far as 12 rounds."

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