Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2 LIVE REACTON: Paul KNOCKS OUT Woodley and calls outs Masvidal and Diaz – highlights, latest

JAKE PAUL knocked out Tyron Woodley with a SENSATIONAL one-punch KO in round six

Paul was cut and bleed heavily before he connected to secure a brutal triumph.

Ex-MMA star Woodley had stepped in after Tommy Fury pulled out of the fight with injury.

And Paul was quick to call out UFC's Jorge Masvidal AND Nate Diaz who were in attendance in Tampa.

The undercard featured an NBA vs NFL match-up between Deron Williams and Frank Gore, and Amanda Serrano will set up a huge fight with Katie Taylor next year after her win.


  • Jake Paul DEF Tyron Woodley R6
  • Amanda Serrano DEF Miriam Gutierrez U10
  • Deron Williams DEF Frank Gore SD4
  • Liam Paro DEF Yomar Alamo UD10


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  • James Orr

    Who's next for Jake Paul?

    Jorge Masvidal? Nate Diaz? Tommy Fury?

    Jake Paul mentioned all of them in his post-fight rant…

  • Chisanga Malata

    Tommy trolled

    Jake Paul has taken yet another shot at Tommy Fury, who was forced to withdraw from their grudge match due to illness and injury.

    He said: "I'm ready to fight whoever. It doesn't matter if they're a professional boxer or a five-time UFC champion.

    "I don't care, I'm really built for this.

    "And no natter what I'm gonna get the job done. And that's what I showed tonight.

    "And Tommy Fury is lucky he wasn't in there tonight. Because Tyron's way tougher, he has that experience.

    "Tommy probably would've looked a lot worse and that was pretty bad."

  • Chisanga Malata

    'Gone viral'

    Jake Paul insists he's done more than enough to be considered a legitimate boxer, despite the fact he's yet to face a real pugilist.

    He said: "I've done more than enough. For massive fights in 13 months. No one in the history of boxing has done what I've done at this age.

    "Massive pay-per-views, knocked out every single person that I've ever fought. The only person that's as active as me doing as big pay-per-views as Canelo.

    "Like I said, I've knocked out everyone I've fought, turned them into memes. That s***s gone viral all over the internet."

  • Chisanga Malata

    Woodley's regret

    Tyron Woodley has lamented his dropping of his left hand seconds before he was put to sleep by Jake Paul.

    He said: "I went back and I looked at it and I'm like, 'Why the f**k did I drop my hand?' I had both hands up. I was great.

    "I knew it was coming. I was ready to block the overhand. I don't know why he delayed it.

    "Even if he didn't delay it, I don't know why I dropped my hand. In this sport, it only takes one mistake. Literally one mistake. I blocked so many shots."

    Credit: Reuters
  • Chisanga Malata

    'Not done'

    Former UFC welterweight champ Tyron Woodley insists his fighting days aren't over – despite his brutal loss to Jake Paul.

    He said: "I'm not done. Please do not look at me with sorrow eyes or look at me and shake your head.

    "I done f**ked a lot of people up.

    "A lot of people up had to have that talk in the locker room a lot of coaches had to had to go back to the drawing board, a lot of people, in their minds, they knew that they knew and I saw it in their faces and it broke their hearts when I took that from them."

  • Chisanga Malata

    'Greatest moment of my life'

    Jake Paul called his sensational stoppage victory over Tyron Woodley the 'greatest moment of my life' just moments after flatlining the former UFC welterweight champion.

    An elated Paul said: "It's gotta be the greatest moment of my life; look at the year I just had… unprecedented.

    "One of the most valuable boxers in the sport.

    "Four fights, four massive pay-per-views in 13 months. I've knocked out every single person that I've fought."

    Credit: Showtime
  • Chisanga Malata

    Paul reacts on social media

    Jake Paul reacted to his stunning KO of Tyron Woodley with a short and concise tweet, which quickly started doing the rounds.

    Along with a collection of photos of the KO, The Problem Child wrote: 'BING BONG."

  • Chisanga Malata

    Face plant

    In 27 professional mixed martial arts fights, Tyron Woodley has never been flatlined in the manner in which Jake Paul shut off his lights.

    Former Strikeforce welterweight champ Nate Marquardt stopped him in 2012, but that stoppage was an accumulation of strikes.

    This one-hitter-quitter from Paul, however, was something completely different.

  • Chisanga Malata

    Cut up – Warning graphic image below

    Jake Paul suffered a nasty, nasty cut on his head during his rematch with Tyron Woodley.

    An accidental elbow from The Chosen One as he attempted to block a left hook opened Paul up in the second round.

    Brother Logan inspected the cut after the fight and told his sibling he was 'fine'.

    But judging from the video, his forehead is most definitely 'not fine'.

  • Chisanga Malata


    Jake Paul was on cloud nine after sensationally stopping former UFC welterweight champ Tyron Woodley.

    But he was quick to give the fallen Chosen One respect for his efforts.

    He said: "This guy is a legend. Don't take anything away from his career as a UFC champion and respect him for taking the fight on two weeks' notice because Tommy Fury is a b***h.

    "He backed out of the fight. This a real fighter, a real dog and a warrior. This guy is a tough fighter right there – legend."

    He added: "It was a tough fight. The blood was getting in my eye from when he elbowed me.

    "He was throwing me on the ground – dirty headbutt. But it is what it is. I got the job done and I knew it would happen like that.

    "I was setting it up the whole fight. He didn't see that s**t coming. He was catching, catching. Come around. Good morning."

    Credit: Showtime
  • Chisanga Malata

    'As real as it gets'

    Jake Paul couldn't contain his delight after searching Tyron Woodley in the sixth round

    In his post-fight interview, he said: This is as real as it gets.

    "Just like my f**king right hand. I told you, Ariel, I was gonna f**k him up.

    "I told you I was gonna f**k him up and I f**ked him up."

    Credit: Showtime
  • Chisanga Malata

    Jake Paul has a question for his haters

    The Problem Child has been slammed by many in the boxing community. And he was quick to call them out after his stunning KO.

    He asked: "What now? What now? What now?"

  • Chisanga Malata

    What a finish from Jake Paul

    That overhand right from Jake Paul was an absolute thing of beauty.

    Just take a look at the KO shot right here.

  • Chisanga Malata

    Woodley is out cold!

    Jake Paul has just STARRCHHHED Tyron Woodley with a huge, huge overhand right that will go viral in the morning.

    I can't quite believe what I've just witnessed.

  • Chisanga Malata

    Paul vs Woodley 2 – Round Six

    Paul seems tired, but he could be reserving his energy for a big shot.

    And ohhh my goodness, he just has.

  • Chisanga Malata

    Paul vs Woodley 2 – Round Five

    They swing wildly early and Paul partially lands a big right hand.

    Paul misses with a double-jab straight right combo. But he lands a couple of body shots before yet another clinch.

    Every time Paul tries to land strikes, Woodley clinches. And the crowd are far from happy with his tactic.

    Paul, to be fair, needs to do his bit to stop the clinching.

    A good three-punch combo lands for Woodley. Paul seems to be tired here. The bell goes.

  • Chisanga Malata

    Paul vs Woodley 2 – Round Four

    Paul comes out swinging after a bit of a rollicking from coach BJ Flores.

    But he looks cool, calm and composed – despite seeing his blood for the first time inside the ring.

    They clinch again, but Woodley lands a nice uppercut before they separate.

    Another clunch initiated by Woodley but no shots are landed before the ref steps in.

    Woodley dumps Paul to the canvas after another clinch, much to the frustration of the canvas.

  • Chisanga Malata

    Paul vs Woodley 2 – Round Three

    Woodley misses with a right hand left hook combo. And his head gets snapped back by a beautiful double jab right hand.

    The ref briefly stops the fight due to a cut to Paul but they're back at it.

    Paul gets cracked by a thunderous uppercut and Woodley goes in for the kill. But he's back to backing off his hurt opponent.

    Paul misses with an uppercut left hook combo. Woodley keeps initiating the clinch as they come in, much to the frustration of the crowd.

  • Chisanga Malata

    Paul vs Woodley 2 – Round Two

    Paul is being a bit more active this round but is still being cautious with his entries.

    A nice right hand lands for Paul and briefly stuns Woodley, who clinches. They break but are quickly tied up again.

    A good one-two lands for Paul and snaps Woodley's head up.

    Paul is back to throwing single jabs, an output that is allowing him to be repeatedly tied up in the clinch.

    They collide in the centre of the ring, but neither man lands a shot of any note.

    Woodley comes rushing in and gets cracked with a left hook. They clinch again before the bell goes.

  • Chisanga Malata

    Paul vs Woodley 2 – Round One

    Woodley takes the centre oPauf the ring and wings in an overhand right early doors. Paul blocks the shot and moves out of the two ensuing left hooks.

    Paul tries to feint in with an overhand right but the telegraphed shot is evaded.

    Woodley eats a couple of body shots before being clinched by The Problem Child. The ref breaks them up but they end up tied together again.

    Another break from the ref, but they clinch again. They separate again and Woodley misses with an straight right.

    Stiff jab lands from Paul before the clinch yet again.

    Paul has been very inactive this round and looks content to see what Woodley throws his way. The round ends with the pair clinched in the corner.

  • Chisanga Malata

    The Problem Child

    Here comes former Disney star and YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul.

    Paul will be looking to register a second consecutive victory over former UFC champ Tyron Woodley.

  • Chisanga Malata

    Here comes Woodley

    Tyron Woodley looks dialled in and ready for war.

  • Chisanga Malata

    Tale of the tape

    In case you need reminding of how the pair stack up, here's SunSport's tale of the tape for Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2.

  • Chisanga Malata

    Rematch time

    It's nearly time for the somewhat eagerly-anticipated rematch between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley.

    Will it be a repeat result for Paul or revenge for former UFC champ Woodley.

    We'll soon find out.

    Credit: AFP
  • Chisanga Malata

    Paul vs Woodley result – Amanda Serrano def. Miriam Guiterrez via unanimous decision

    Amanda Serrano has her hand raised after a ten-round beatdown of Miriam Gutierrez in the co-main event of the evening.

    The judges scored the bout 99-90, 99-91, 100-90 in her favour.

    A showdown with Katie Taylor should be next for the Puerto Rican. When pressed on the fight, she said: "I hope so. I hope so."

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