Jockey shocked at drink and drug abuse Twitter allegations that claimed he was spotted with '100 pints and two bags'

A TOP jockey told of his shock and anger at false Twitter allegations that claimed he was spotted with '100 pints and two bags' the night before a race.

Noel Callow was hauled in front of stewards after a now-deleted account also alleged he 'had 40 pints and can no longer ride'.

The drink and drug abuse claims were totally unsubstantiated and 45-year-old Callow was eventually allowed to ride the winner at Kilmore track in Australia.

But Callow, who has earned more than £21million in over 1,400 career wins, admits he was 'rattled' about the social media allegations.

And he could not believe that posts with absolutely no evidence were taken so seriously by stewards.

The tweets came from an account under the name @provprophet.

Whoever was behind the account – which had just 38 followers – tweeted two posts to the official Racing Victoria stewards' page.

One read: "Noel Callow: Had 100 pints last night and 2 bags, last seen at the sporting globe Richmond claiming not to be Noel Callow."

An earlier post said: "Noel Callow: Had 40 pints and a [picture of a bag] last night and can no longer ride."

Callow did a routine drugs test before the race but was then called in front of stewards for a breathalyser.

Describing the bizarre run of events, Callow told racenet: "I was absolutely stunned.

"I thought this couldn't be serious, it rattled me.

"I arrived at the races early and had a sauna before being told my number was up for a random drug test.

"I have no problem with that. I had to drink a little water so I could provide a sample.

"I know the stewards have a job to do and absolutely no problem with the drug test, they happen all the time.

"But it was when stewards called me to the room to talk about the tweet and its allegations that shocked me.

"I thought, 'are they serious?'"

Callow's breathalyser results came back negative just 45 minutes before his race.

The jockey said he spent the previous night watching American football with fellow rider Mark Zahra.

Callow added: "I'm not on social media but it's disappointing and frustrating that I have to answer these sort of allegations from someone with no credibility."

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