Lionel Messi's son cheers for Real Madrid and plays as Liverpool at home because the team humiliated FC Barcelona

  • Lionel Messi gets trolled at home by one of his children.
  • Young Mateo Messi, who is only 3, apparently cheers Real Madrid goals just to wind up his family.
  • When the Messi family plays soccer, Mateo tells his superstar dad that he’s Liverpool, because Liverpool beat Barça in humiliating fashion in the Champions League semi-final this year.
  • One former Real Madrid player joked that Real should sign Mateo to a professional contract.
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Lionel Messi’s son cheers for Real Madrid at home because he apparently takes great delight in winding up his entire family.

Mateo Messi, a 3-year-0ld boy, also says he plays for Liverpool FC at home because the team humiliated FC Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League in the 2018-2019 season.

Lionel Messi had a mixed season this year. Statistically speaking he was the most impressive player in La Liga and the UEFA Champions League,according to data, helping Barça win the Spanish league championship, but was powerless in the second leg of the team’s semifinal against Liverpool,coming unstuck 4-0 at Anfield.

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Messi has been responsible for scoring or creating one goal for every 55 minutes he has played this season, but that is seemingly not enough to win over young Mateo, who chooses to shoot for teams that have beaten the one his superstar dad plays for.

“We played at home and he told me, ‘I’m from Liverpool that beat you,'” Messi said of his young sonin an interview with TYC Sports this week.

Messi added that when the TV is on, “he shouts Madrid’s goals” just to annoy his older brother Thiago. “He is the one who is a Madrid fan,” Messi said.

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When news broke that young Mateo is a Madridista, one former Real player wasquick to tweet his thoughts.

Alvaro Arbeloa played full back at Madrid for seven years from 2009, helping the team win two Champions League titles. Arbeloa joked that Mateo could be a future star.

He said: “Get him signed!”

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