Micah Richards gets stuck in Sky Sports changing room for 90 MINUTES and makes MNF coverage with just seconds to spare

MICAH RICHARDS nearly missed his shift on Sky Sports' Monday Night Football after getting stuck in his changing room for 90 MINUTES.

The former Manchester City star, 32, was part of a three-man punditry team for his old team's trip to Wolves on Monday evening.

But with just seconds to go before going on air, David Jones and Jamie Carragher were left staring at an empty seat.

In the nick of time, Richards came storming onto the set and took his place on the spare seat, adjusting his clothes to get camera-ready.

And the former defender has now taken to Twitter to reveal he nearly missed all the fun after being trapped in his dressing room for an hour and a half.

Richards tweeted: "Loved being on @SkySportsPL last night…

"But managed to get myself locked in the changing room for 90 mins before the show!

"Thanks to the staff for getting me out with 2 mins to spare – you’d never have known!

"@Carra23 & @DavidJonesSky were bricking doing the show without me."

Richards has quickly become one of the nation's most popular pundits for his brilliant insight and infectious laugh.

And he used his platform on Monday night to reveal his frustration at a portion of football fans who believe he only got the job at Sky Sports due to the Black Lives Matter movement.

In a powerful speech, Richards claimed: "I'm in a privileged position and I did this through hard work.

"And the hard work that I've put in is not going to be tarnished.

"I've got people on Twitter, people on Instagram, 'Oh, Micah Richards is only on because of this whole Black Lives Matter movement'.

"But I've had conversations with corporations that I've worked for way before this.

"And now I'm getting tarnished with the same brush, 'He's only on TV because of Black Lives Matter' – which is disheartening for me, because I put in the work, I work every single day at my craft.

"I've been a professional footballer, I've won a Premier League, I've played at the highest level… and I'm still getting stones thrown at me.

"So if I've got to fly the flag, people want to throw stones at me – I'll happily take it. Because I know, I put in the work."


Richards also leapt to the defence of Alex Scott – named as the new host of BBC show A Question Of Sport – calling her "incredible" after she too came in for criticism from vile trolls.

The ex-England star added: "Alex Scott is incredible.

"She's one of the best I've ever worked with and it's even worse for her because she's a woman, and she's seen as black as well.

"It's double jeopardy. She's in a worse position.

"She is honestly one of the best pundits I have ever worked with and all you see on social media is: 'Why is a woman working in men's football? She doesn't know.'

"She's played however many times for England, she knows football inside out and more than most people…

"To see the abuse that she gets just because someone's left their job or not had their contracts renewed, it's disheartening to see.

"But, at the same time, it just shows we've still got a problem and it's that awkward conversation we all don't want to have but we've got to have the conversation."

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