Norwich cap ticket prices at £30 for adults after promotion with other Prem sides pressured to follow suit

NORWICH have marked their return to the Premier League by capping one-off home tickets at £30.

The move was instigated by the top flight's £30 limit on away tickets and the Canaries felt it was right to keep the rule consistent for their home fans as well.

And now other Prem clubs are being urged to follow suit by making home tickets more affordable for casual fans.

As things stand – based on statistics from last season – it will mean no sides's most expensive single ticket will be less than Norwich's £30.

Last year, fellow promoted sides Aston Villa and Sheffield United charged £33 and £37 respectively for their most expensive ticket, while Wolves and Burnley both capped prices at £40 per game.

At the other end of the scale, Arsenal's maximum price of £97 for a ticket was the highest in the Prem with Chelsea (£87), West Ham (£80), Tottenham (£75) and Brighton (£65) completing the top five.

The Canaries' move means the 1,500 available tickets for home games will not exceed £30, even when the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City head to East Anglia.

While adult tickets are maxed at £30, fans aged 65 and over will not pay more than £25 for a ticket, Under-18s £20 and Under-12s £15.

I believe PL clubs should cap all tickets, should subsidise all away travel, have affordable food/drink stalls, state-of-the-art facilities for fans with special needs, and pump millions into community projects.

Chief Operating Officer Ben Kensell said: "As a Club, we took a lot of time to deliberate around what we should do around the casual ticketing for home supporters.

"We believe as a football club that we have phenomenal support and we shouldn’t price people out of football.

"So as a club, we decided that if £30 is fair for away supporters, then £30 is also fair for home supporters considering the price of a home ticket last time we were in the Premier League.

"No one in the ground from a general admission perspective next season will pay more than £30. That, as a club, sets us apart and we’re really proud of that. We think it’s the right thing to do."

Norwich supporter and BT Sport presenter Jake Humphrey hailed the move.

He tweeted: "MASSIVE credit to #ncfc who are promoted to the #PremierLeague and then CAP tickets at just £30 a game.

"TV companies get a lot of stick from fans…but the money they pump into the game allows clubs to do this kind of thing.

"I believe PL clubs should cap all tickets, should subsidise all away travel, have affordable food/drink stalls, state-of-the-art facilities for fans with special needs, and pump millions into community projects.

"The TV money allows them the choice, and if they chose not to, it’s down to your club. Bravo Norwich!!"

But while the cap on home tickets has gone down well, many Norwich supporters were critical of their decision to revamp the away-ticket scheme.

The move means supporters who have been loyal travellers to follow their team over the years may have to pay a £50 membership fee just to get priority on away tickets – in theory, anyone could buy an away membership and be more likely to get a ticket to Old Trafford, for example.

As @matty_leww put it: "So I’ve been paying £500+ for 10 years but a Liverpool fan from Beccles can pay a one off £50 for a membership and have a better chance at getting away tickets? Oh right. Cheers."

Another vented: "Sorry nodge. I love you but this is bulls***. Me and my boy are season ticket holders. I stayed when things were s***, now people who fled when they thought things were going down the s****er have more chance than me of getting an away ticket. Thanks for rewarding my loyalty."

Canary supporter @ncfckeith on Twitter said he was part of the consultation with the club to put the new policies in place.

He explained: "Was part of a two hour fan consultation with Ben Kensell and Danny Casey about this last week. At first we were sceptical (like many comments here).

"They listened to the fans, added the priority window for the most regular fans, and convinced us it's the right thing to do.

"You have to really take your hats off to the club for matching the premier league's away fans price cap of £30 for home fans too.

"Home fans shouldn't have to pay more than away fans. Time for the rest of the premier league clubs to take note and step up to the mark!"

In an alleged leak of the Premier League fixtures, Daniel Farke's side will kick-off the new season with an away trip to Tottenham.

But with the TV allocations premature and mixed up – BT Sport have the Saturday lunchtime kick-offs this season, not Sky Sports – it is thought the leak is in fact a fake.

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