Test your footie knowledge with questions from talkSPORT's new quiz book

RECKON you know your footie? Prove it with this fiendish quiz.

It’s been set specially for Sun readers by talkSPORT, to celebrate its new quiz book on great and not-so-great sporting moments of the past 50 years.

Natasha Harding invites you to tackle the fun test with family and friends.

Check your answers below.

1) During which World Cup was the Mexican wave first broadcast to a global audience?

A: 1986 B: 1998 C: 2006

2) Which is the only country to have qualified for each of the World Cups?

A: England B: Brazil C: Japan

3) In Germany it’s called an elfmeter. What is it here?

A: A handball B: Penalty kick C: Throw-in

4) Which German team did Manchester United beat to win the 1999 Champions League?

A: Eintracht Frankfurt B: RB Leipzig C: Bayern Munich

5) For many matches was Arsene Wenger Arsenal boss?

A: 826 B: 1,235 C: 987

6) Who is France’s all-time international top goal scorer?

A: Just Fontaine B: Thierry Henry C: Michel Platini D: Zinedine Zidane

7) Which former Manchester United star did Wayne Rooney share the pitch with the most times?

A: Michael Carrick B: Patrice Evra C: Ryan Giggs D: Edwin van der Sar

8) Ian Wright appeared 288 times for Arsenal. How many goals did he score? A: 185 B: 324 C: 402 D: 244

9) Which famous Ronaldo was Cristiano Ronaldo named after?

A: Ronald McDonald B: Ronald Reagan C: Ronald Weasley D: Ronald Koeman

10) Who is Croatia’s all-time international top scorer?

A: Davor Suker B: Mario Mandzukicć C: Ivan Perisicć D: Ivica Olicć

11) Who was the only Liverpool player to miss a penalty in the shoot-out during the 2005 Champions League final against AC Milan in Istanbul?

A: John Arne Riise B: Xabi Alonso C: Vladimir Šmicer D: Dietmar Hamann

12) German striker Miroslav Klose is the all-time top scorer at World Cups, but how many goals has he scored in the competition?

A: 18 B: 17 C: 15 D: 16

13) In the later stages of his career, Thierry Henry starred in a famous car ad where he coined the phrase “Va va voom”. But what was the make and model of the car?

A: VW Passat B: Renault Clio C: BMW 5 Series D: Fiat 500

14) How much did Manchester United reportedly pay out for Harry Maguire when they signed him from Leicester City in 2019?

A: £76m B: £87m C: £69m D: £80m

15) Who became the first million-pound football player?

A: Colin Stein B: Trevor Francis C: Steve Daley D: Mark Hughes

16) How many points would the surname of Romelu Lukaku score in Scrabble?

A: 14 B: 21 C: 9 D: 17

17) What did referee Graham Poll do during an Australia-Croatia game at the 2006 World Cup?

A: He booked Croatian defender Josip Šimunicć three times before sending him off. B: Fell over when one of the players tapped him on the chest C: Choked on his whistle and had to get paramedics to help him D: Pulled out his passport rather than a red card when trying to send off Stjepan Tomas

18) In what year did Alan Shearer transfer from Southampton to Blackburn Rovers?

A: 1992 B: 1989 C: 1994 D: 1990

19) Which club did Teddy Sheringham score the most goals for in his career?

A: West Ham United B: Tottenham Hotspur C: Millwall D: Manchester United

20) What did former Spurs midfielder Tom Huddlestone pledge not to do after a game against Arsenal in 2011?

A: Cut his hair until he scored again B: Change his lucky socks C: Drink alcohol D: Dance to I’m Too Sexy.


1. A) 1986; 2. B) Brazil; 3. B) Penalty kick; 4. C) Bayern Munich; 5. B) 1,235; 6. B) Thierry Henry; 7. A) Michael Carrick; 8. A) 185; 9. B) Ronald Reagan; 10. A) Davor Suker; 11. A) John Arne Riise; 12. D) 16; 13. B) Renault Clio; 14. D) £80m; 15. B) Trevor Francis; 16. A) 14; 17. A) Booked Croatian defender Josip Simunic three times before sending him off; 18. A) 1992; 19. C) Millwall; 20. A) Cut his hair until he scored.

  • The talkSPORT Quiz Book, compiled by Nathan Joyce (HarperCollins, £12.99) is out now.

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