World's sexiest powerlifter 'Little Beast' reveals INCREDIBLE body transformation after gaining 50lb in MUSCLE | The Sun

A WOMAN dubbed "the world's sexiest powerlifter" has revealed her incredible body transformation.

Ru, or Little Beast, regularly leaves her 275,000 followers on Instagram stunned by lifting weight considered beyond the capability of her small frame.

The beauty is able to squat, bench and deadlift more than two, three or four times her body weight, which sits at 8st 11lb.

Now she has posted astonishing photos from before she decided to bulk up, when the pressures from cutting her weight as a young figure skater left her with an eating disorder.

Her career on the rink ended after she suffered two stress fractures in a fall caused by being so malnourished.

Ru confirmed she has put on a huge amount of muscle since her school and college days.


I’m the world’s sexiest powerlifter, they call me the ‘Little Beast’

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Speaking on Instagram, the heroic athlete revealed: "75lbs to 125lbs.

"I don’t have pictures from when I was at the peak of my ED, but before are from senior year in high school and freshmen year in college, and the afters are 4-5 years into lifting and a little over 2 years since my last relapse.

"Progress is never linear but we keep showing up at the best of our capacity within each day 💛⁣."

Reacting to the social media post, one fan said: "I’m 1.5 years into recovery and 1 year into lifting and seeing this makes me so so happy."

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Another added: "Every time I think I made a pretty good body transformation, Insta algorithm keeps me humble showing me this monument of a women 😂."


And a third replied: "🔥🔥 so proud of you girl."

Ru has had a rough few years, which she detailed in an emotional Instagram post last month.

She wrote: "Keeping up with my mental health has been an absolute struggle bus. This was my first prep since my spine injury from the car accident in 2020.

"And those of you who’ve been here for a bit saw that I started this meet prep fresh after finally getting the restraining order granted against my abuser.

"And then from my body readjusting hormones after getting my IUD taken out to grieving over cancer in the family to having more unsettling nights from multiple violations of the RO, I went into my mock meet after a full on breakdown in the car and not being able to keep it together and crying it out between every warm up sets in deads.

"But I’m so so grateful for my support system for keeping me in check so that I wouldn’t regress into unhealthy coping mechanisms again and just held space for me as I floated in and out of not wanting to be here again after years of doing so good.

"Inexplicably grateful for these people, and for lifting for being a continued safe space and energetic outlet for me.

"Work’s not done so we’re gonna keep on keeping on."

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