Alison Hammond in awkward Covid blunder as she goes to shake war veteran’s hand

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This Morning host Alison Hammond was left panicking on air after she and co-star Dermot O'Leary spoke to war veteran Ben Parkinson during Thursday's show.

Alison and Dermot interviewed Ben, who lost both of his legs and suffered brain damage, about his upcoming charity challenge, as he plans to parachute off Mount Everest.

Ben served as a paratrooper 15 years in Afghanistan, and defied odds to speak again, leading him to get an MBE in 2013.

As Ben shared his wish for Alison Phillip Schofield to join him with the initiative, Alison slipped up as she went to shake his hand.

She said: "Ben, thank you so much. Are we shaking on it?" as Ben extended his hand out to her.

Just as she went to touch his hand, Alison quickly remembered she wasn't allowed to do that, and said: "Not allowed to shake, so it might not happen."

Ben told her to "elbow him" instead, which she did happily, but poor Alison was left worrying about her slip-up.

As the programme cut to adverts, Alison said: "What have I done?" Before bursting into laughter.

Viewers took to social media to praise Ben and his resilience, as one wrote: "In tears watching #ThisMorning Ben Parkinson, absolute complete and utter hero."

Another added: "You have to massively respect this man for learning how to talk again and being positive throughout this whole thing; hugely incredible. Must be a hugely difficult experience to go through."

Meanwhile, Dermot had an awkward moment with LBC presenter Nick Ferrari during the daily debate about the travel traffic system.

Nick said: ""Why can't someone in this country of a certain level with double vaccinations go to another country where there is a similar sort of level?" he said.

"And I'm just thinking Giles, and everyone else, Alison… and the other fella," causing Alison to burst into laughter.

Dermot could be seen smiling, but he did not seem thrilled as Nick quickly explained his slip-up, saying: "I was just checking he's there, he's been so quiet! He's never been this quiet, I thought he was having a tea break!"

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