All 19 Movies and Shows Steve Bannon Wrote, Directed or Produced (Photos)

Bannon produced Hollywood movies in the 1990s, but most of his efforts have gone to making polemic, conservative documentaries

Before he had the ear of the president, former White House Chief Political Strategist Steve Bannon tried his hand at Hollywood. As a producer, he was behind several small movies, but he really hit his movie-making stride writing and directing conservative documentaries aimed at Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Here’s a complete list of every Hollywood project in which Bannon’s had a hand.

“The Indian Runner” (1991) — Executive Producer  Bannon’s first movie as an executive producer was, somewhat ironically, written and directed by famous Trump critic Sean Penn. “The Indian Runner” starred Viggo Mortensen and David Morse as brothers on the opposite sides of the law. Here’s the trailer.

“Seinfeld” (1992) — Investor  Bannon’s investment banking company bought a minor stake in Castle Rock Entertainment, the producer behind the show, in 1992. That gave Bannon’s company an undisclosed chunk of the syndication royalties for the show. By 2013, “Seinfeld” reruns had earned $3.1 billion. Even if Bannon only had a 1% cut of the royalties, “Seinfeld” would have netted him $31 million.

“Titus” (1999) — Co-Executive Producer  Anthony Hopkins and Jessica Lange star in this modern-styled adaptation of the Shakespeare “Titus Andronicus.” That story packs an interesting mix of 1950s aesthetics and ancient Roman subject matter. Bannon served as co-executive producer on the project, the production of which was his obsession for almost a decade. Watch the trailer here.

“Reagan: In the Face of Evil” (2004) — Co-Producer  Bannon wrote and directed this documentary, based on the book “Reagan’s War” by Peter Schweizer. It’s heavily conservative and positive about the former Republican president, focusing on his Cold War battle with the Soviet Union. It also holds a fairly abysmal 11 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Watch the trailer here.

“Border War: The Battle Over Illegal Immigration” (2006) — Executive Producer  Bannon’s got a lot of interest in illegal immigration. “Border War” expands its look on illegal immigrants coming from Mexico, trying to include everything from human smuggling and crime to protests and immigration laws. Watch the trailer here.

“Tradition Never Graduates: A Season Inside Notre Dame Football” (2007) — Executive Producer  For the first time since he was producing Shakespeare, Bannon’s filmography takes a break from conservative-leaning movies to talk about how great Notre Dame football is.

“The Chaos Experiment” (2009) — Executive Producer  Obviously the best way to improve a “Saw”-style serial killer thriller is with a heavy handed anti-global warming message. Val Kilmer is a deranged global warming scientist who no one will believe. So he locks six people in a steam room to simulate what global warming will eventually do to the world. Watch the trailer here.

“Generation Zero” (2010) — Writer, Director, Producer  More than one critic called Bannon’s documentary “Generation Zero” a “horror movie” about the US economy. Bannon explains the economic crash of 2008 by blaming the national deficit and bank bailouts, as well as the 1960s and the Baby Boomer generation. But really, this is about the rise of the Tea Party. Watch the trailer here.

“Battle for America” (2010) — Writer, Director, Producer  Bannon tried to get out the conservative vote for the 2010 midterm elections by painting it as a war against the Obama Administration in this documentary. It’s kind of hilarious listening to some of the conservative comments about the radical Obama presidency in the face of Trump’s first seven weeks in office. Watch the trailer here.

“Fire from the Heartland” (2010) — Writer, Director, Producer  Focusing on women in American conservatism, “Fire from the Heartland” paints the picture of a powerful American cultural movement that draws strength from women’s issues. The movie posits that angry “Mama Grizzly” conservative women are the unforeseen side-effect of feminism in America. Watch the trailer here.

“Sarah Palin: The Undefeated” (2010)  “The Undefeated” chronicles Sarah Palin’s rise in battling the Republican establishment and the liberal media. Bannon’s doc explores her life and history as a politician, painting her as a warrior who went up against special interests and corruption as she rose from Alaska to the national stage. Watch the trailer here.

“The Hope & the Change” (2012) — Writer, Director, Producer  Democrats are disillusioned because of Barack Obama, Bannon works to show in this documentary. Interviewing something like 40 Democrats and Independents, the movie finds people who never got the Hope and Change they were promised. Watch the trailer here.

“District of Corruption” (2012) — Writer, Director, Producer  Before he was part of the Trump Administration and the constant allegations of corruption it weathers, Bannon made this doc hammering the Obama Administration with claims of corruption. Bannon wrote and directed this one, working with conservative watch dog group Judicial Watch. Check out the trailer here.

“Occupy Unmasked” (2012) — Writer, Director  Bannon’s documentaries have shown the Tea Party in a positive light, and in “Occupy Unmasked,” he goes after a liberal movement. The movie portrays Occupy as radical, uncontrollable, and dangerous. Watch the trailer here.

“Sweetwater” (2013) — Executive Producer  Taking a break from making documentaries, Bannon produced “Sweetwater.” The Western is all about revenge and murdering bad dudes, and has a pretty notable cast, including heavy hitters like January Jones, Jason Isaacs, Ed Harris and Stephen Root. Watch the trailer here.

“Rickover: The Birth of Nuclear Power” (2014) — Executive Producer  “Rickover” tells the story of controversial US Navy Admiral Hyman Rickover, who pushed for the first nuclear-powered submarine. After that, Rickover became an entrepreneur and nuclear pioneer, building the first commercial nuclear power plant. The documentary, produced by Bannon, appeared on PBS, of all places.

“Clinton Cash” (2016) — Writer, Executive Producer  Ahead of the 2016 election, Bannon wrote a documentary adaptation of the book “Clinton Cash” by Peter Schweizer. The movie focuses on Clinton Foundation corruption and suggests foreign money influences Hillary Clinton in government. Another ironic one, as allegations of ethics breaches and using the presidency for personal enrichment continue to follow the Trump family. Watch the trailer here.

“Torchbearer” (2016) — Writer, Director, Executive Producer  “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson goes around the world to talk about Christianity and the Bible in this Bannon-directed doc. The Duck Commander uses the Bible to add context to historical sites, pushing the idea of a culture war to get Christians out to the 2016 polls. Watch the trailer here.

“Trump @War” (2018) — Writer, Director After his ouster from the White House, Bannon directed and co-wrote a documentary ahead of the 2018 midterm elections that portrays Trump supporters as under siege. He also admitted to Axios that he hoped the film would get back into POTUS’ good graces: “How jacked do we think Trump will be when he sees this?”
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