Amanda Holden feared she’d be sacked over swearing on Britain’s Got Talent

Amanda Holden was so terrified that she'd be sacked over her Britain's Got Talent F-bomb that she chased after boss Simon Cowell to ask if she was safe.

The judge was left so terrified on the first live semi-final of the ITV talent show on Monday that she accidentally swore live on air.

She'd been brought face-to-face with two "ghosts" after being pulled up on stage by act The Haunting, and she was so scared that she screamed "f**k" at the top of her lungs.

Amanda, 48, immediately slapped her hand over her mouth after realising what she'd said then apologised for her bad language during the pre-watershed show.

She's since revealed that she was so worried Simon would sack her that she chased him down a corridor.

And she questioned why it was always her who gets pulled up on stage, and not fellow judge Alesha Dixon.

The mum-of-two told The Sun : "And it's normally me who goes a**e over t*t or swears. No, I've not learnt my lesson. I've not washed my mouth out with soap either. I would defy anyone not to have sworn, they would have said worse than I did.

"There were only 200 complaints to Ofcom – nowhere near my record – but I did go into panic mode afterwards. I chased Simon into his dressing room and said, 'You're not going to fire me, are you?' And he replied, 'Don't be f*****g' ridiculous'."

She added: "It was unplanned and I didn't mean it in any bad way, but there is so much political correctness now and so much stuff flying around that you just don't know."

Amanda said she's "lucky" to have survived for so long in this climate and admitted she texted Piers Morgan after the incident, saying "#Gutted".

She also said the swearing incident got her in trouble with her children, Lexi, 13, and Hollie, seven, who were watching at home with their grandparents and later quizzed her about the blooper.

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