Anne Robinsons Weakest Link replacement speaks out on toning down brutal reputation

Anne Robinson questions Weakest Link contestant in old episode

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The Weakest Link is making a comeback, but with a brand new quizmaster hosting the show. Anne Robinson is well known for hosting the show from 2000 to 2012. Romesh Ranganathan will soon be filling Anne’s shoes as he takes on the role of quiz host on the rebooted series. However, the comedian has confessed he won’t be as “brutal” as his predecessor.

After a decade away from the TV schedules, the programme will be making a comeback to the BBC with a new Saturday night slot.

Earlier this year the BBC confirmed Romesh would be taking over hosting duties on the show.

He opened up about his new role in a recent interview, revealing what fans can expect from the reboot.

When asked how brutal fans can expect him to be, Romesh replied: “Not brutal, but if somebody says something stupid then I’ll mention it.”

However, the comedian made it clear he admired Anne and the original version of The Weakest Link.

He said: “The original was amazing. Anne Robinson was great and I want to keep fans of the original happy.”

Fans of the show will remember Anne signed off the show with her signature wink.

Keen to please viewers, Romesh confessed he’s unsure as to whether or not he too should have a trademark sign-off on the show.

The comedian admitted: “I haven’t figured that out yet. If you do the Wink, people will go, ‘Well, that’s Anne’s thing’.

“If you do something else, people will go, ‘That’s not as good as the Wink’,” he told Radio Times.

The Weakest Link was a hit show for the BBC during the 00s having run for a total of 13 seasons.

When the reboot of the show was first announced, Romesh described the pressure of his new role as “anxiety-inducing”.

He said in a statement: “It’s an honour to be asked to bring what is basically a TV institution back to our screens.

“Anne was an amazing host and to step into her shoes is an anxiety-inducing privilege.

“I’m hoping we’ve found a way to make both the fans of the show happy as well as bringing a new audience to it.

“If not, accept this as my apology,” the comedian concluded.

The reboot of The Weakest Link is set to return to BBC One with 12 new episodes, featuring a line-up of celebrity contestants.

The celebrity players will answer a variety of general knowledge questions in the quick-fire quiz before two are left to go head to head, all in aid of their chosen charity.

Meanwhile, Anne hosts Channel 4’s hit game show Countdown, having taken on the role earlier this year.

She joined the show as the new presenter after Nick Hewer stepped down from the programme.

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