Ant and Dec fans question if Limitless Lin contestants are ‘actors’ as they scoop £500k

Ant and Dec are back on our screens with their brand new show, Limitless Win.

And in its debut episode on 8 January, viewers have been on the edge of their seats as the first couple took on the challenge.

Every question gives contestants the chance to move up an endless money ladder in order to bag a big cash prize.

And while viewers took to Twitter to initially coin the show 'boring' and 'confusing' they were left hiding behind their sofas as a married couple, who both work for the NHS, won half a million pounds.

The couple were close to leaving, but in a last ditch attempt to win more they went through to answer the next question, which questioned how old Amazon will turn in summer this year.

Both certain that the answer was 1994, they locked in their answer and, after being unsure of what to say for the final question, they decided to bank half a million and head home with the money.

Fans were shocked at how brave the couple were.

"So pleased for this couple. What a win!" one person wrote, while another added: "This is so tense, how are they so calm?"

And a third shared: "So brave. I can't watch."

Another shared: "It's getting really tense now I'd take the money," mirroring how Ant and Dec were reacting as the couple went between leaving and staying.

The couple taking part were contestants and not actors, but some viewers claimed the couple were "actors," and aired their views on Twitter.

"Omg stop with the fake couple. They're actors," one person wrote, while another said: "Could they be a plant to ensure people apply for the show??"

A third added: "Actors for sure… that moustache is a big give away for starters."

One viewer defended the couple, saying: "Why are people saying its a fix, just cos they're both nhs workers people are bitter and can't be happy."

Show viewers were also quick to comment on their "un-phased" reaction to winning such big sums of money.

"She was actually disappointed to cash out at 500k?!?!?!" Wrote one, and another said: "They don’t even look happy winning £500,000 !! Something not right with this show."

Lots of gameshows are known for their big-money prizes, but the prize pot on Ant and Dec’s new ITV series Limitless Win is the biggest ever – so big, in fact, it’s totally unlimited!

“The answers are all numbers, so if the answer is a large number, you can leap from £50,000 to over £250,000 in one answer. The stakes are high,” says Ant McPartlin.

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“If you’ve got an answer that is ‘30’, then that’s 30 steps up the ladder, which can get you right up there. It can get very dramatic very quickly,” adds Dec.

When discussing how tense the show gets, Ant shared: "They still have to be brave to risk what they have in the bank to put it all on this question. We’re with the players for so long during filming, we’re really living it with them, so it’s really hard to watch. I tried to hide under the table at one point!"

Dec continued: "It really depends on what your area of knowledge is. We have no idea what the contestants’ expertise is beforehand, so they might just get lucky."

Referring to the lucky couple who won half a million pounds, he continued: "We had one question where everybody was stumped, but this couple were like, “We just know this because his sister was born in this year.”

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Ant & Dec's Limitless Win continues on Saturday at 8.30pm on ITV

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