Ashley Banjo warns Dancing On Ice stars their dance skills might not ‘translate’

Ashley Banjo, 32, is well known for being a dancer in the group Diversity, and now a judge on Dancing on Ice.

But while there has been a variety of winners on Dancing on Ice over the years, he believes that contestants with performance skills don’t always have an advantage.

Asked if he could see potential in the hot new line-up because of their chosen career, Ashley said: “Well it doesn’t always translate.

“Take Perri for example, he could transfer his talent to the ice last year.

“I have the same training and I find it much, much harder.”

The Diversity star even revealed he’s been making the effort to spend more time focusing on the skill he judges, and that still hasn’t really helped."

“I’ve been skating more since last series and I find it so hard,” Ashley went on.

“I don’t think dancing skills can always translate,” the judge noted.

Speaking about what elements of performances give him “goosebumps,” Ashley was clear.

“I think it’s the week when we see them skate to their personal song choices,” he mused. “I really like telling stories and I do that in what I do…

“So when people take their new skill and then they bring a real personal story to it I always love those moments.”

The star also assured fans who are struggling with the lack of new TV content that they can expect “a lot of energy” on the show this year.

“Because of the pandemic, it’s the kind of thing none of us take for granted anymore,” he shared.

“We’re so happy to be here and to be able to go ahead so I think people will really commit to it and there’ll be such good energy. Everyone is happy to be back.”

The new series sees Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby return to their presenting roles in the studio. Torvill and Dean will also return to the judging panel.

Dancing on Ice airs Sunday at 6pm on ITV.

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