Ashley Tisdale Calls Out Director Kevin Smith on Twitter for Scratching Her Car and Driving Away

Ashley Tisdale had a bone to pick with Kevin Smith after a small fender-bender in their shared neighborhood.

The High School Musical star, 33, appeared to kickstart a brief tiff with Smith, 48, after she claimed he scratched her car and drove away.

“Thanks @ThatKevinSmith for scratching my mirror on my car and not stopping. Classy move neighbor!” Tisdale wrote on Twitter Saturday.

The Clerks director responded hours later, apologizing and tossing in a reference to her High School Musical character Sharpay Evans.

“Apologies – I drive like Cruella de Vil in the Hills! However, I *did * do a courtesy stop. Then when you pulled away first, I was like ‘That’s soooo Sharpay…,’ ” he joked.

Tisdale happily made up, responding, “HA! Apology accepted ?.”

It’s unclear as to whether the actress and singer was joking in her first tweet, but that didn’t stop users – like Office Space actor Diedrich Bader – from calling out Tisdale for taking her gripe public.

“Maybe leave a note? This is an inappropriate way to do this,” Bader wrote.

Smith eventually followed up on the situation, revealing Tisdale wound up paying a visit to his house to apologize for the incident.

“So the incredibly sweet @ashleytisdale stopped by my house and tried to apologize,” he wrote. “I assured her that *I’m * the one who was driving like a Wildcat. Also told her I’d send my kid our Tweets. [Daughter Harley Quinn’s] response: ‘We saw Ashley in HighSchoolMusical Live!’ Ashley was like ‘Oh, maaan…’ ”

The fictional high school featured in the HSM franchise had a wildcat as the school mascot. Tisdale, meanwhile, toured with High School Musical: The Concert from 2006-07.

As viral incidents like this typically feature a photo of the parties involved, Smith also jokingly included a blank image that simply read, “I forgot to ask for a selfie.”

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