Bachelorette fans find Katie Thurston's villain Hunter Montgomery on dating app Bumble after she kicks him off the show

BACHELORETTE villain Hunter Montgomery has been spotted on the dating app Bumble after getting kicked off the show.

The TikTok star, 35, called himself a "single dad" and said he was looking for a "relationship" in his profile.

A Bachelorette fan claimed they found Hunter on Bumble while they were in Austin, in screenshots shared by Instagram fan account Bachelor Nation Scoop.

Hunter was seen smiling at the camera while holding a dog in his arms in one photo, and posing with a friend at a rooftop bar in another.

His bio read: "Single dad, love fitness, outdoors, cooking, Netflix, DIY. Love concerts, cool dinner spots, people watching and spontaneity."


The reality star also shared his Instagram handle and responded to the question "we'll get along if…" with the answer: "You like to have fun, enjoy sarcasm, care."

Hunter stated his interests as being "concerts, festivals, ambition and being active".

The father-of-two was kicked off The Bachelorette by Katie Thurston in early July.

Some of the other contestants had expressed their concern to Katie that Hunter seemed "calculated" and like a "liar".

She became so ill amid the drama that she vomited during their group date and had to go home.

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A week earlier, fans slammed the show for "hiding" Hunter’s Tourette's syndrome to make him the new "villain" after Thomas Jacobs' elimination.

As fans watched Hunter stir up drama with the other contestants, Katie took to Twitter to defend him.

She posted: "Remember you only get to see a portion of who these men are. For example, you probably didn’t know Hunter has #Tourettes.

"So I encourage everyone to think twice before commenting negative things about these men. #TheBachelorette."


Shocked fans slammed the Bachelor franchise for disregarding Hunter's disability.

"If production was aware of this- maybe they shouldn’t have given him the edit they did," one reasoned.

A second wrote: "Agreed. I’ve noticed that they included his sinus snorting a lot when it didn’t seem necessary as if they wanted to make it seem like he just has a gross habit.

"If that’s one of his tics, producers should’ve been more respectful by not emphasizing it at all or w/o explanation."


Though he's been clean for 14 years, Hunter struggled with addiction.

He has given back to his community throughout his sobriety and raised $6million to start a recovery center called The Journey Recovery Center.

Katie, meanwhile, got engaged to Blake Moynes in the Bachelorette finale last week – although fans insisted he was her "second choice" after Greg Grippo left.

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