BBC Breakfasts Dan Walker shut down by Sally Nugent in tense Euromillions row

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BBC Breakfast turned instantly tense on Tuesday morning, as presenter Dan Walker was frostily shut down by his co-host Sally Nugent.

The pair were discussing tonight's (October 12) Euromillions draw, which could see the biggest British lottery win in history, on the red sofa when things turned slightly awkward.

It began cheerily, as Sally announced: "One lucky Briton could be on the verge of the biggest lottery win in history if they win tonight's Euromillions draw."

"It's a lot of dosh as well – the estimated jackpot is £184million pounds, which is 5,000 times the average salary currently in the UK, and is enough to buy 340 average priced properties in London," Dan put in.

"Normally we compare that sort of thing to double-decker buses!" he joked, as Sally responded: "Yeah, exactly – what would you buy? Wales, or something like that."

"One and a quarter Jack Grealishes," Dan cheekily suggested of the Premier League footballer.

Sally quickly wondered: "Yeah, but then what would you do with him?"

Thinking on the spot, Dan joked: "Ask him to cut your grass."

The pair shared a giggle, as Dan went on: "You could gift him to whatever your football team is."

"Couldn't you?" Sally agreed, but quickly said: "I don't think I'd be doing that, though. I'd be buying an island with a beach."

Dan responded: "Richard Branson's island is about £90million isn't it – you could get one of them!"

"Exactly, something similar," Sally agreed, as Dan interjected: "Or spend it on something a little bit more worthy!"

Ignoring his last comment, Sally cut across Dan to ask weather presenter Carol Kirkwood what she would do with the money – which is when things took a turn for the frosty.

Carol beamed at the pair as she said: "Well I was thinking, Sal – remember your friends."

"Always!" Sally replied. "Straight to Vegas!"

Through his laughter, Dan asked: "What, you and Carol in Vegas? Can I come along and film it?"

"No," Sally quickly snapped – putting his dreams of a Las Vegas getaway securely on ice.

"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!" Carol interjected as she tried to move the conversation swiftly on. "That's our rule, isn't it Sal?"

As her segment came to a close, Carol quipped: "Sal and Dan… Sal, I'm off to pack right now."

But poor Dan was left out of the conversation completely, as he turned proceedings once more back to the news, with a more sombre focus on the Covid-19 pandemic.

BBC Breakfast airs from 6am every day on BBC One.

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