Behind the scenes at The Masked Singer UK from balaclavas to costume clues

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The Masked Singer is in full swing and has been entertaining fans for the past fortnight – but there's plenty behind the scenes knowledge that viewers aren't aware of.

Gloria Hunniford was given the boot off the hit ITV show but that doesn't mean she went without letting us know all the behind the scenes gossip.

The Loose Women star performed as Snow Leopard in the singing contest but was voted off by the TV judges in week one.

The 81-year-old Irish presenter was thrilled to have been asked to take part in the show and was overall pleased with her performance on the night.

However, she did reveal there were some parts of The Masked Singer experience that weren't as fun, such as being told to not talk for hours and keeping secrets from her family.

Let alone, she says, having to wear an uncomfortable disguise while arriving and walking around the studio.

Let's have a look at what else she said…

Secret contacts

Before signing up to the show, Gloria exclusively revealed to the Daily Star that she was asked to sign an "NDA" otherwise known as a non-disclosure agreement and that contestants were even told not to tell their partners in case of a leak.

Gloria told the Daily Star: "What is really surprised me is the amount of secrecy and how they manage to keep it all under wraps.

"They said honestly you can't tell your other halves but I did, and they were very good…"

"I was terrified, I wouldn't let anything out though because they make you sign an NDA and my family had to too. I was amazed at how extensive the secrecy was. It's unbelievable."

Chaotic cover-ups

As all of the characters' identities are kept hidden from the public, the show had to avoid potential leaks and paparazzi opportunities as much as possible.

This urged producers to ask the contestants to wear an extensive disguise so thorough that even the show's staff couldn't work out who they were.

However, Gloria said that wearing these were more distressing than wearing her big padded out leopard costume – that even prevented her from seeing properly.

She explained: "The cover is more troublesome than the actual costume. Fifteen minutes before going to the studio I had to wear a sweatshirt that says 'don't speak to me', black shoes, a balaclava, with the hood up… Now, if you've ever worn a balaclava then you'd know how horrible that is."

Strict rules

To make sure no one could guess the contestants identities fro their voices, Gloria said that the stars and staff wore tops and hoodies which let them know who was allowed to talk.

Having been banned from talking in the TV studio while walking around, she was instructed to only speak to staff who wore a special sign.

Gloria continued: "I had to not speak and I found it really difficult. I would usually speak to the doorman and say 'thank you' and whatnot, but I couldn't.

"There were other people with sweatshirts saying 'talk to me'. But other than that you're in your dressing room all the time.

"But it was really hard because when you had to go out for voiceovers or vocal coaching, the dreaded balaclava was back again. And that was very restricting."

Costume clues

Gloria was spotted by judge and chat show host Jonathon Ross early on after her performance, which she said "surprised" her.

However, she was sure someone was at least going to pick up on the clue in her outfit – as she wore a green dress, to reflect the glorious Emerald Isle which she is from.

But she believed that it was her voice that lead the judges to think they had nabbed her instead, despite doing her best not to let her Irish accent "out so much".

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