Ben Shephard calls out Tipping Point player for ‘taking advantage’ of game rival

Ben Shephard accused one Tipping Point contestant of “taking advantage” of another’s hard work on today’s show, as the competition ramped up.

Contestant Sally correctly answered a question about the name of Phillip Schofield’s puppet, slamming the buzzer and announcing the toy was called “Gordon”.

The Tipping Point hopeful then placed her counter in drop zone four, hoping to win big.

Unfortunately, while she managed to push the counters to the lower tier, they simply dangled at the edge without falling into the red base below.

Sally was visibly disappointed but looked even more despairing when fellow contestant Luke swooped in and took advantage of the loaded drop zone.

Before she had a chance to answer the next question, he jumped in with a right answer, picking drop zone one as his preferred destination for his counter.

Ben was quick to call him out, remarking that he was about to “take advantage of all of Sally’s hard work.”

Luke managed to win big, racking up a whopping £650 pounds while Sally remained on a measly £150.

Luckily, Sally got the chance to redeem herself later in the episode, as left Ben was impressed when she delivered a stream of right answers.

In one lightening round, Sally was asked two tricky music questions in a row, managing to deliver speedy correct answers against the clock.

One question concerned Justin Bieber’s 2011 documentary Biebermania! while another referred to Fatboy Slim’s hit song Praise You.

Clearly impressed, Ben exclaimed: “Sally you know your pop music, don’t you! Bieber and Fatboy Slim!”

Unfortunately, Sally was sent home soon after, as she proved no match for paramedic Luke’s hefty bank of general knowledge.

Tipping Point airs on weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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