BMF season 2 delay explained as show wont air next week

BMF: Starz releases teaser for latest episode

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Brothers Demetrius (played by Lil Meech) and Terry Flenory (Da’Vinchi) have kept fans on the edge of their seats as their ambition gets them into more than they can bargain for so far in season two of Starz’s hit drama BMF. However, fans will have to wait to see the drama unfold, with episode six announced to air a week later than usual, on February 17.

Following its critically acclaimed first season, BMF is back on our screen for its highly anticipated second instalment that premiered at the beginning of 2023.

Unlike season one of the hit series, new episodes of BMF usually air every Friday – instead of Sundays, which gives fans something to look forward to at the end of each week.

Taking viewers on the real-life story of one of the most notorious African-American crime organisations that reigned over the streets of America for five years, the hit show has kept fans gripped. 

The new season kicked off with the story of Demetrius ‘Big Meech’ Flenory and his brother Terry as they continued to lay the foundations of what will become the Black Mafia Family.

After the cliffhanger ending of episode three, fans have watched Terry return to BMF to navigate through some of the toughest of times during his criminal career.

The business was on its last leg after cash and product supply ran low and it didn’t help the crew were down to their last few men.

Terry was forced to dig deep to find a new supply and his plan of using one of his limo drivers to transport the product goes badly wrong.

With enemies closing in on all sides, there was no choice for the BMF leader, meaning he had to make the tough decision to run.

Unfortunately, there was bad news for BMF fans after the plan for the crime drama to return on Friday, February 10 was scrapped. 

Meaning viewers have to wait an extra seven days to see what lies in store for the brothers and their gang. 

It’s not the first time streaming platform Starz has put some of its shows on hold but it makes sense to do it with this show as BMF and the Super Bowl have a clashing schedule. 

As people prepare to gear up for the Super Bowl, many believe there could have been a fear that it would take the focus away from what was going on in the BMF world.

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Despite Starz being both a network and subscription-based service, it’s most likely bosses don’t want to take the spotlight away from episode six of BMF.

The 2022 edition of the Super Bowl, which saw the Los Angeles Rams emerge victorious against the Cincinnati Bengals was watched by 99.18 million viewers in the United States.

There are five episodes left to come of the crime drama, and the names of each episode have been released to fans, potentially hinting at what’s next to come.

Episode six is called “Homecoming”, episode seven is named “Both Sides Of The Fence”, episode eight is “Push It To The Limit”, episode nine is named “ High Treason” and BMF concludes with episode 10, titled “New Beginnings”.

Despite the delay in the showing of episode six, fans will be happy to know that they are getting an additional two episodes this season with 10 showings instead of eight.

After its premiere on January 6, new episodes of BMF season two are scheduled to air weekly on Fridays – apart from on February 10 – until the 10th and final episode lands on March 17.

BMF season 2 continues Fridays on Starz in the US and on LIONSGATE+ in the UK.

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