Britain’s Got Talent: Viewers convinced they’ve ‘worked out’ 4MG’s magic tricks

Britain’s Got Talent viewers have claimed they’ve worked out the “obvious tricks” behind 4MG’s act.

The foursome, which includes James, 19, Harry, 18, Theo and Josh, both 17, have been impressing judges on the ITV show, and have even landed a place in the final.

But some have been left divided over the group and their magic tricks following their appearance on Tuesday’s show, branding it “predictable”.

Judge David Walliams had to come up with a five-letter word as part of the task, while Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon were told to select three word cards from a pack.

Simon Cowell also chose number seven on a numbered ball, which corresponded to a list which had 100 former contestants on the show written out. Number seven was Stavros Flatley.

Alesha and Amanda’s cards also spelled out Stavros Flatley, with the act from 2009 waiting in the wings to appear on stage.

The chosen words "soft", "star" and "valley" were revealed as an anagram of "Stavros Flatley”.

Some speculated whether this was the only list on the phone, or whether different lists had the same name besides different numbers, depending on what ball had been selected.

One viewer tweeted: “He had 6 lists on his phone & opened the one which placed Stavros in the dice position. The cards were probably bent so a cut would be forced etc.”

A second wrote: “The 3 ‘random cards’ given to Amanda were not random. You can see him offer her to cut the pack, but take the top 3 cards. Although she cuts the pack, he puts the same cards back on top. So he can be sure he gives her the cards required.”

Others were left impressed with the group, with one writing: “Always fascinated by the magic acts. This one was the best they’ve had on so far.”

Another wrote: “How was that even possible? #4MG #amazing.”

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