Child sex abuse exposed, death tragedy, hostage and 7 more Corrie spoilers

There are dramatic showdowns and dangerous situations unfolding in Coronation Street as a very dramatic week approaches. Brave Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) is ready to speak out about the abuse he suffered at the hands of evil Kel (Joseph Alessi) but as Kel is arrested, it leads to horror for Bernie Winter (Jane Hazlegrove).

Elsewhere, the antics of nanny Jade Rowan (Lottie Henshall) continue to cause concern – but is she framing Hope when a fire takes hold in Fiz Stape’s (Jennie McAlpine) back yard? Meanwhile, Roy Cropper (David Neilson) faces tragedy as he is about to lose his new found brother Richard – and as much as he tries to help his niece Nina, it seems he is only making things worse.

10 Coronation Street spoilers

  • Kel takes Bernie hostage after he is arrested by police.
  • Roy does his best to help Nina with Richard’s care.
  • Fiz is horrified and feels Hope is to blame after a fire in the back yard.
  • Michael begs Grace for a second chance and makes an offer.
  • Nick admits the new focus of the factory will be packing.
  • Paul opens up about his abuse and makes a statement against Kel.
  • Jade plays games as Fiz decides she needs to be tougher with Hope.
  • Roy announces that he is taking over Richard’s care.
  • Michelle is furious to learn that Vicky knows about what she went through with Ruairi.
  • Emma decides to spend Christmas in Weatherfield with Steve.

Monday 25th November Part One

Hope causes trouble when Fiz refuses to put on a fireworks party for her and Tyrone persuades her to back down. But as the party gets underway, Fiz is horrified when she realises the back yard is on fire, with Hope watching the flames obsessively.

Kel is arrested and he is seething with Bernie for reporting him for what happened with Paul. Meanwhile, Chesney reels at the thought that Kel was close to Joseph. Nick admits to Sarah that the factory’s new focus will be on packing.

Nina is dismayed as Richard visits Roy while Michael gets in touch with Grace.

Monday 25th November Part Two

Kel is questioned by police over the photographs that were found in his flat. As he is later released on bail, he targets Bernie and holds her hostage in her own home. As Paul and Gemma save the day, Paul decides to speak out.

Richard and Nina visit Roy and Roy is excited to find that they share a love for steam trains. Tyrone and Fiz realise that Hope must have started the fire but Jack complicates matters by saying it had already taken hold when they arrived.

Chesney returns the stolen laptop to a relieved Daniel while Grace promises to consider it when Michael offers to make regular maintenance payments towards Tianna’s upbringing. Sarah takes the workers’ side when Nick reveals the future plans for the factory.

Wednesday 27th November Part One

Roy calls round to see Richard and is taken aback by how frail he is. He is upset when Nina blames him for the setback and he later pledges to Carla that he will look after Nina after Richard’s death. Afterwards, Nina stubbornly refuses Roy’s help when moving an air condenser and hurts herself.

Nick points out that the workers are shareholders and will lose out when they threaten to streike. As Tyrone and Fiz discuss Hope, Jade offers to babysit. Billy tells Paul he has made him an appointment with a counsellor and Paul starts to open up.

Sarah is struck with an idea when Carla shares her ideas for the beard oil business with Adam while Nick summons Kirk to a meeting with an offer.

Wednesday 27th November Part Two

Nick tries to convince the factory workers that there is far more money to be made from packing and distribution but Sarah reveals that she has an alternate plan and it leaves Nick and the employees enthused.

Michelle tells an oblivious Robert that she wants to go ahead with the wedding. Roy realises the burden on Nina as he cares for Richard but she is upset with him when he interferes and contacts adult social services.

Fiz and Tyrone decide they need to be tougher on Hope and Jade shares her concerns about Fiz’s approach with Evelyn. Later, Fiz snaps and smashes Hope’s iPad when she discovers a lighter in her pocker. Paul finds strength and decides to make a statement against Kel.

Friday 29th November Part One

Ray tells Michelle that he is dropping the case against her but warns her that she should watch her back. Later, Adam advises Michelle to drop her revenge plot against Robert but she is inflamed when he admits that Vicky knows about what she went through with Ruairi.

Roy has a go at Richard’s carer for being late but Nina is furious when he quits the job while Fiz and Tyrone learn that Hope can return to school.

Friday 29th November Part Two

Steve is disappointed to discover that Fiona has paid for tickets so that Emma can spend Christmas in Australia. When Amy shows Emma the stockings that Steve has made for them, Emma has a change of heart about her plans.

Fiz breaks the news to Jade that she is no longer needed while Roy announces that he is taking over Richard’s full time care but Nina isn’t happy. Michelle paints on a smile when Robert suggests they talk to their families about wedding plans but she makes it clear to Carla that her revenge is gathering pace.

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