Chilling GMB remark lays bare Shamima Begums risk to British national security

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Health Secretary Sajid Javid today (September 15) chillingly laid bare the reaason he stripped ISIS bride Shamima Begum of her British citizenship.

Asked if it was the right decision to make, Javid – who at the time was the Home Secretary – made it clear that he stood by it.

He said on Good Morning Britain today (September 15) in a chilling statement: "I’m not going to go into details but what I will say is you certainly haven’t seen what I saw.

"If you did know what I knew, you would have made exactly the same decision. I have no doubt.”

ISIS bride Shamima, 22, also spoke on Good Morning Britain from a refugee camp in Syria and offered to help the UK government tackle terrorism as Boris Johnson "clearly doesn't know what he is doing".

Shamima left the UK to join ISIS in 2015 because she "thought she was doing the right thing as a Muslim", she claimed, adding: "At the time I did not know it was a death cult."

And she is now asking to return to the UK and be put on trial, although she denies accusations that she was seen sewing on suicide vests to terrorists so they couldn't be removed without detonating, which is one of the main reasons her citizenship was revoked.

But Javid today made it clear that he stood by his decision to revoke Begum's British citizenship.

He told hosts Susanna and Richard Madeley: "Obviously I made the decision about Shemima Begum at the time.

"I can't get into any details about any individual case, but obviously when you make a decision of that type you don't do it lightly."

He went on: "It was based on the advice of my department but also our intelligence agencies."

Javid continued: "I'm clear that it was absolutely the right decision to protect the British people and I think actually, Richard and Susanna, if you were the Home Secretary and you were presented with the information that I had at the time, you would've made exactly the same decision, as your job as Home Secretary is to protect the British people.

"As for coming back, that's gone up to our highest court in the land, the Supreme Court. They made a judgement where they supported my decision unanimously."

Shamima said on GMB: "I did not do this thing I have been accused. If you really think that I did this then why don’t you bring me back and put me on trial."

She added: "The Government knows the truth and knows I did nothing wrong.

“I would accept [going to jail]. If I was given a fair trial. And given a chance to tell my side of the story. And the judge said I need to go to jail then I would accept that. I want to live in a democracy.

“But honestly the only crime I committed was being dumb enough to join Isis.”

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