Chloe Ferry shows off her old boob implants after getting them removed – and says they look like 'dumplings'

CHLOE Ferry showed off her old boob implants after getting them removed and said they look like "dumplings".

The 25-year-old star jetted to Turkey on Sunday where she revealed she was going under the knife again.

Grabbing the old implants and wobbling them about for an Instagram video, the star said: "I know this looks like a dumpling but this is my old implant.

"Look at the size of it, it's the size of my hand."

On Monday, the beauty came out of surgery and updated fans on how it was going.

Taking to her Instagram Story after the op, the Geordie Shore favourite filmed herself in her hospital bed, with her bandaged new boobs on show.

She explained: "I've just woke up, guys, from my boob surgery.

"I'm not even in a lot of pain, and honestly, I can't tell you how well I have been looked after here.

"I can't wait to see them."

Chloe then shared a second brief video of a drip in her hand.

The TV favourite previously said of her surgery: "Guys, this is the Comfort Zone villa. I'm getting my surgery tomorrow, getting my boobs done."

Sharing footage of a sparkling swimming pool, she added: "It's so nice here, you get really well looked-after."

Chloe is no stranger to going under the knife, having a second boob job back in 2018 as well as liposuction on her hips and bum.

She had fat removed from her thighs and put into her bum in a bid to look more like Kim Kardashian, The Sun revealed at the time.

The latest op comes just days after Chloe concerned fans by revealing that she was feeling desperately down.

She said at the time: "Life isn't always as perfect as it seems."

She also shared a clip of herself with tears in her eyes, writing: "Today I'm having a really bad day and it's normal to feel like this."

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