Chris Hemsworth, James Corden compete to be the best waiter

Here come the men in black, though not those Men in Black. We’re talking about Chris Hemsworth and James Corden, dressed as waiters in a high-end London eatery, The Northall.

In a “Battle of the Waiters” segment for The Late Late Show‘s Tuesday episode, the Men in Black: International star competed with Corden to see who is the better restaurant employee.

Corden may be able to offer piggyback rides to patrons’ tables, but most seemed to enjoy getting swept off their feet by a real-life Thor. Corden may be able to offer royal declarations of a guest’s arrival, but one guest in particular didn’t seem to appreciate the late-night host putting her food allergies on blast. No one seemed to appreciate Corden’s violin playing, either.

Hemsworth, somehow, ended up the victor… even though he forgot everyone’s orders and force fed one guest tomatoes. Perhaps it was his overall charm and the fact that he over poured in the wine department. Who can say?

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