Coleen Rooney says ‘I know I’m right’ but there are ‘no winners’ in Wagatha Christie showdown with Rebekah Vardy

COLEEN Rooney tried to settle her Wagatha Christie libel fight with Rebekah Vardy three times – and insisted: "There are no winners."

In an extraordinary witness statement Coleen, 36, who entered the witness box today, expresses her regret that the case was not settled out of court.

But says she stands by her detective work to unmask the mole and insists: "I know I am right."

She details how she went skydiving on the day she accused Becky of publicly leaking stories to the Press in October 2019.

And she brands her foe "really low and sad" for trying to use her sister, Rosie, who died of Rett syndrome aged 14 in 2013, to "put me off the scent".

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She begins her detailed witness statement by saying: "I would like to highlight at the outset that I have sought to resolve this matter amicably on various occasions.

"I was of the view that the time, money, resources and efforts involved could be better spent elsewhere, particularly in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

"However, the efforts I made in May 2020 (prior to proceedings being issued), in October 2020 (after I had filed my Defence) and in January 2021 (during a stay in the proceedings) were all in vain.

"I have no doubt that this litigation, whatever the outcome, will benefit neither Becky nor myself.

"I should, however, highlight that those attempts to compromise this dispute were not made due to any concern with the underlying merits or an absence of confidence in my position.

I have no doubt that this litigation, whatever the outcome, will benefit neither Becky nor myself.

"I was seeking to be pragmatic and to consider the bigger picture in order to enable both parties to move on with our respective lives – essentially an olive branch if you will.

"I have always been confident in the truth of what I posted in October 2019.

"The documentation which Becky has disclosed as part of these proceedings, in particular her WhatsApp conversations with her agent Caroline Watt, has only further reinforced my view on that."

Coleen – mum to boys Kai, Klay, Kit and Cass – reveals how she has been in the public eye ever since she was 16 when Wayne first burst onto the scene for Everton and then Manchester United.

She says she never sought the "limelight" and was brought up with "traditional, down-to-earth, values" which have stayed with her despite "fame, success or wealth".


But Wayne's meteoric rise to footballing stardom meant her life – and his – have been the subject of "intense tabloid media attention for the past 20 years"

She says: "All of my highs and lows have been heavily documented in the press, particularly when it comes to my relationship with Wayne."

She opened a private Instagram account, restricted to those closest to her, so that she could "share photos, freely comment on posts and exchange messages without fear of it being made public".

Becky was among those she permitted to follow the account between January 2017 and October 2019.

But after a series of leaks to the media – including images of hubby Wayne and their kids wearing matching polka dot pyjamas – she fired off her "1st Warning Shot".

Coleen wrote on her private Instagram account: caption “The GRASS strikes again!!!….Your (sic) accepted as one of my friends.

The GRASS strikes again!!!….Your (sic) accepted as one of my friends.

"If you really needed the money that bad you could have always just asked instead of being SLY!!!"

Becky messaged Coleen with an angry face emoji and wrote "what a joke" – adding: "Omg wtf is wrong with people! Why have they taken that one of you and the kids and not of Wayne in bed!

"That would have been an even better story in their eyes…dickheads! Hope you are ok"

Coleen replied: "It’s not even the photos am bothered about cause I have nothing to hide, it’s just annoying that someone talking and sharing it with them!!

"Nothing I’ve never dealt with before, but just thought I’d let them know I know what they are up to…take care”

Becky writes back: "That is so bad! Have you been through all your followers? No one with any celeb mag links? What about being hacked? I would be chomping if that was me! Not on at all”


Coleen says: "Yeh been through all but can’t remember in point anyone. Got a few people onto it trying to source but if there getting the info there not going to tell.

"Had things like this in the past and never got to find out."

But the leaks continued and in January 2019 Coleen fired off her "2nd Warning Shot" – fuming: "Someone on my private Instagram seen the picture and is telling or selling stories to a certain newspaper.

“It’s happened several times now over the past couple of years. It’s sad to think Someone, who I have accepted to follow me, is betraying me for either money or to keep a relationship with the press."

In her witness statement Coleen says: "Friends and family are the most important to me and it was messing with my head that someone who I trusted was doing this to me. It annoyed and hurt me.

"It even messed with my friends and family because they felt like I suspected them of being responsible.

"I did also think that if leaks were happening about me then there were also other people that it might have been happening to.

"I also considered Becky’s personality and her rise to fame.

Becky certainly stuck out to me as being someone who actively wanted to be famous.

"I have been involved in football circles for around 20 years. I’ve come across different types of footballers’ partners, some of them enjoy and seek the limelight and work on it, others get brought into it because of the high-profile nature of their partner.

"Becky certainly stuck out to me as being someone who actively wanted to be famous.

"Becky and I had never had an issue with one another, as far as I was aware. We got on fine, but I did gradually feel like she was very keen to be friendly with me and she was trying too hard and it was a bit too much.

"In September 2017 she offered for me to go and stay at her house whilst I was having problems with Wayne and messaged me again when it appeared on TV.

"In August 2018, she messaged me out of the blue because we had both been mentioned in the same tabloid media article.

"She would then occasionally message me whilst I was in the US, always out of the blue, checking in to see how I was doing after there had been an article in the press about me.

"As time went on, I got the over-arching impression that she was trying to be close to me because she thought that doing so might help her own interests.

"Over time, I also just got the feeling that she was trying to give the perception of being interested or concerned about me but was really just fishing for information or gossip.

"That perception has obviously been strengthened as a result of this dispute."


Coleen decided to launch a clandestine operation to out the mole once and for all and began planting fake stories among "mundane" updates.

She claims her operation lasted nine months and insists no one knew – not even hubby Wayne.

By October 2019 she says she felt "absolutely confident" that Becky, wife of Leicester City and ex-England striker Jamie, 35, was the culprit.

She said: "I had made it abundantly clear that I was unhappy about the leaks and they continued regardless.

"I took the view that enough warning had already been given and decided to go public.

"That evening, on October 8, I uploaded a post to the Private Instagram Account with a quote which said 'Don’t play games with a girl who can play better' with the caption 'One thing I am not is stupid…much wiser than you think'.

"By this point, I had decided that I was going to make an announcement the following morning.

I genuinely did not anticipate it getting the level of attention that it has

"I drafted something on pen and paper in the evening ready to be posted the next day. Wayne was in the US at the time so it was just me and the kids in the house. I didn’t speak to him about it.

"In the morning, I uploaded a post to my Private Instagram Account which said “after years of my personal Instagram posts getting leaked to the SUN newspaper…I’ve finally cracked it and know exactly who’s account it is!!!!"

But she says nothing could have prepared her for the fallout that followed.

She writes: "Although I still believe what I did was right, and that my belief it was Becky who was responsible for leaking my stories, I certainly did not expect or want anyone to send her the abusive and threatening messages that I have seen were sent.

"That is completely unacceptable for her and her family and I would never wish that on her.

"Making the Post was not something that I did lightly, nor without my own evidence and with good reason.

"I am not a malicious or nasty person by any means.

"I genuinely did not anticipate it getting the level of attention that it has, especially when you see some of the outrageous content which is frequently uploaded onto social media.

I should also say that I have received abuse and trolling from the Post, despite the fact that I was right in what I said.

"I should also say that I have received abuse and trolling from the Post, despite the fact that I was right in what I said.

"I had to go through a period of over two years in which someone I thought I trusted deliberately leaked information from my Private Instagram Account to a national newspaper, and the two-year period included some very difficult times.

"It was wrong for Becky to leak stories about me and about other people for the whole world to read it in the newspaper.

"The leaking of information from my personal Instagram had been a real worry for me for a long time.

"There have been no leaks of posts from my account since. No doubt similar behaviour by Becky was also a real worry for many others too. I am glad I have put an end to it."

Coleen accused Becky of leaking stories to the Press in her now infamous Wagatha Christie post in October 2019.

She told her millions of followers how someone she trusted had betrayed her and was leaking stories to the media via her private Instagram account.

Her post ended with: "It's………. Rebekah Vardy's account".

Fuming Becky labelled her a "C***" for accusing her and vowed: "Jesus Christ I hope she’s fucking happy now.

"I can’t just sit back and let her get away with this."

She denies leaking the stories and is suing Coleen for libel.

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