Coronation Street fans disgusted as Corey Brent frames Kelly Neelan for Seb’s murder

CORONATION Street fans were horrified as thug Corey Brent framed Kelly Neelan for Seb’s murder tonight. 

Corey and his gang carried out the vile hate crime attack which caused Seb’s death. 

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But tonight, Corey’s dad Stefan advised him to put the blame on Kelly before the police obtained forensic evidence linking him to the crime.

It all kicked off at the police station when the police told Kelly they’d received an account of the assault saying that she was the driving force behind the attack.

After talking to her lawyer and foster parent Imran, Kelly realised Corey must have framed her to save himself. 

She headed back into the police interview and tried to tell the truth, explaining that she’d slapped Nina but that Corey had then carried out the attack against Seb. 

When the officer revealed Corey’s account described Kelly repeatedly kicking Seb in the head, she tried to insist he was lying, but it was clearly too late.

The officer said of Corey: “He came to us voluntarily, before any forensic evidence had been presented.

He gave a full account that’s fully supported by that evidence, from the blood we found on your trainers and skirt, to the DNA we recovered from Miss Lucas.”

She continued: “Whereas you have offered nothing voluntarily, only making admissions when presented with incontrovertible evidence. Tell me Kelly, who would you believe?”

Viewers were disgusted by Corey's behaviour as one said: "Corey is a MONSTER."

A second wrote: "Corey really is scum. A good cop should be able to tell Corey's a pathological liar."

Another penned: "Can Corey get any worse?! He's despicable!"

Later in the episode, Imran returned home to Toyah and told her that Kelly had been charged with Seb’s murder and GBH for the assault on Nina.

When Toyah worried about what everyone would think, Imran insisted Kelly was innocent and that they had to support her.

“She is a frightened child, who I’ve promised to protect. And I won’t back down from that, no matter how hard things get,” he said.

Will Toyah turn her back on Kelly, and will Imran be able to prove her innocence?

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