Coronation Street pregnancy as Fiz Stape discovers shes expecting Tyrone Dobbs baby?

Coronation Street: Fiz leaves with Hope

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Fiz (played by Jennie McAlpine) has been enjoying a romance with Coronation Street newcomer Phill Whittaker (Jamie Kenna) of late, following the disastrous end of her relationship to Tyrone (Alan Halsall) earlier this year. As Christmas arrives on the ITV soap, she is looking forward to spending time with her new family unit and without any drama causing disruptions. However, it seems the mother of two could be turning back to her former lover sooner than first thought as the actress who plays Fiz, Jenny, has dropped some hints about the future of her beloved character.

Spirits will be high on Christmas Day at No.9 as Fiz decides to stay in Weatherfield rather than jetting away for a festive holiday with her new boyfriend.

This means Tyrone is able to see his daughters Hope Stape (Isabella Flanagan) and Ruby Dobbs (Macy Alabi) on the big day after original thinking he wasn’t going to see them.

Unfortunately, this means he also has to spend time with Phill and although the two men have become friends, it’s not the Christmas Day the mechanic had planned in his head.

The cobbles lothario does get to spend some time with his family when Fiz’s boyfriend has to go and visit his mother for a couple of hours.

As the girls play with their gifts, Tyrone and his former lover get to spend some alone time together and in traditional soap fashion, drama ensues.

The mechanic misjudges the situation immensely and plants a kiss on Fiz, much to her surprise but will it stop at a cheeky peck?

It’s been clear in recent episodes there are still feelings between Tyrone and the mother of his children and he misses her dearly.

With his ex-girlfriend Alina Pop (Ruxandra Porojnicu) no longer on the scene, he is a free agent but Fiz is very much taken.

As Phill is away for a couple of hours, they could decide to make the most of the time alone and although she wasn’t expecting it, the knicker stitcher could enjoy getting caught up in the passion of the moment.

However, they could fail to use protection and as a result, the beloved character could soon discover she is carrying Tyrone’s baby.

Always a place in her heart for Tyrone

Jennie McAlpine

Despite being together for years, the pair have never had a child of their own as their two young daughters from previous relationships have kept them occupied.

With the girls growing up, this could be the perfect time for Fiz to give motherhood another go but it wouldn’t come without its complications.

On discovering his girlfriend is expecting, Phill could mistakingly think he is the father and spread the good news.

As the mechanic hears about the pregnancy, he could put the pieces of the puzzle together and realise the baby is his.

He could see this as a sign he and his former lover should be back together and will make it his mission to get back with her.

Unfortunately, Fiz could be a little less reluctant to get back with him as she would be worried he is going to up and leave her again.

With Phill, she knows there is a sense of security and he would be the perfect father to her child, despite it not being his.

For the sake of the family, the expectant mother could tell Tyrone to keep quiet as she wants the best for the baby.

Thinking about the past year and how much heartache he caused by leaving, he could agree the child is better off if they don’t know who he is.

But will Fix really be able to keep up the pretence for Phill, or will she blurt out the truth as she’s unable to hide her guilt?

Speaking with and other press, Jennie explained how she thinks her character should end up with Tyrone in the end.

“I think she should have had a little moment where she had no one. She should have perhaps gone done that girl power route.

“But here we are, choosing between two but there is just [always a place in her heart] for Tyrone, isn’t there? But maybe Phill could be the lodger.”

With this in mind, could it be a baby will bring Fiz and Tyrone back together in the New Year as they try and put the past behind them?

Could this be the start of a comeback for the couple as one of the cobbles’ strongest and most beloved couples?

Jennie also said of Fiz being on her own for a bit: “I totally understand that she has had her world blown apart.

“She thought, ‘I’ve got no significant other, I’ve got no one to help, particularly with the girls and I’ve got no one to be with.

“‘No one to sit on the sofa with,’ and so when Phill came along she thought, ‘Let’s do this’ and I totally understand why people do that because they don’t want to be on their own.

“But actually, she could have done so much better but maybe we’ll see it again,” she added.

So could Fiz be bringing up Tyrone’s baby on her own if she feels she doesn’t want to get back together with him?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV.

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