Coronation Street theory: Brian and Cathy torn apart for good after brutal rejection

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Coronation Street couple Cathy (played by Melanie Hill) and Brian (Peter Gunn), whose relationship has been on the rocks lately, could end up splitting up for good in upcoming scenes. Cathy was recently let down after thinking she was going on a romantic date but ended up in the Rovers tasting local beers, with the event being hosted by Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews). Since then, she has been feeling low about their relationship, and official spoilers show she has a big decision to make, but will she come clean?

For a while now, Brian has had his heart set on moving to Cornwall and hoped Cathy would follow him there.

However, he is oblivious to the issues she is having with their relationship and is on full steam ahead as he plans for their future together.

In upcoming scenes, Brian witters on about the new life he has planned for them in Cornwall, but Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) sees Cathy is less than enthused about the idea.

Interfering in their relationship, she attempts to tell Brian that he needs to try a more romantic approach when it comes to telling Cathy about his plans.

Brian doesn’t do things by half and, after taking Evelyn’s advice on board, decides to propose to Cathy in the corner shop.

Later on, Evelyn tries to speak to Cathy and encourages her to come clean about her troubles with their relationship.

However, not wanting to hurt Brian’s feelings, she agrees to marry him, leaving Brian thrilled.

Brian tells Cathy that despite everything, he doesn’t want to lose her, and he’s put an offer on a house in Cornwall in the hope she’ll come with him.

Will Cathy be able to move past her feelings of doubt about their relationship and move to Cornwall?

Brian’s plans to move down south might be the final straw for the couple. However, will he end up leaving Cathy behind in Weatherfield?

Has Evelyn’s meddling done enough for Cathy to come clean?

It was confirmed last month by actress Melanie that she would be leaving the Cobbles for good after seven years.

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Revealing her reasons for leaving, she explained: “It’s not been an easy thing to decide, my family has been important, but the pandemic has made a lot of people think about the future.

“It has changed a lot of things in my head, you’ve just got to see what’s important to you. I absolutely love everybody, but it’s made me think about my family a lot and what the priorities are in my life.”

However, she admitted that she has firmly left the door open for her character to return to the Cobbles in the future.

She told The Mirror: “I won’t say where Cathy goes, but I’m a stone’s throw away from Weatherfield, I’m flattered and grateful.

“You never know what’s around the corner there, so let’s see what happens.”

Touching on the romantic relationship Cathy and Brian have, she teased there were some “emotional” scenes coming up for the pair.

“They’ve written some really nice stuff for Peter and I and my nephew Alex. It’s pretty emotional.

“The story shows middle-aged people who really do care about each other, but it’s not quite working out. I think it’s really realistic.”

If Cathy decides to come clean about her feelings, Brian could call the whole move off, leaving Cathy to be the one to leave.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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