'CSI: Vegas': Will There Ever Be a Musical Episode? Jorja Fox Answers!

Some TV shows experiment with time and break their format by doing a musical episode. However, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation never had one despite doing 15 seasons. CSI: Vegas is back, and Jorja Fox who plays Sara Sidle, answered if the investigators will ever break out into song as they solve their crimes.

‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’ had many musical guests

The original run of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation was from 2000 to 2014. Many musicians were guest stars throughout those 15 seasons. 

For instance, Taylor Swift and Jordin Sparks played victims of crimes. John Mayor and Black Sabbath performed in the background of scenes in their own episode. The Who frontman ​​Roger Daltrey, Travis Barker, and Justin Bieber played criminals on the show.

It’s a fun way to switch things up, and there’ll likely be more. However, the characters of the show haven’t done a musical episode. The show has returned and will take place in Vegas, where massive stars have had residencies. The stars of the revival show answered if it’ll ever be done.

Will there be a musical episode of ‘CSI: Vegas’?

Paula Newsome, who plays Maxine Roby, and Fox appeared on The Talk to promote the premiere of CSI: Vegas. They were asked if they would ever do a musical episode since Newsome has performed on Broadway. In addition, Amanda Kloots said Fox wants to do a musical episode.

“We gotta place a phone call,” Newsome said. “I need to not be in it because I’m really the weak link,” Fox joked. Newsome corrected her by mentioning she plays drums.

“I do play drums,” Fox said. “I can bang on some drums and it is a dream.” For now, it looks like a musical episode isn’t in the plans for this season. However, the stars are having fun thinking about it.

Jorja Fox says the revival will have dark and fun

The one thing fans can count on is more cases. Fox said the cases in the revival would reflect the times.

“I think in 2000, I thought that, ‘Wow, we’re on the cutting edge of science. Isn’t this just amazing?’” Fox told Entertainment Tonight. “2021 makes the science of 2000 look kind of simple and like Sesame Street. We’re going to be able to take that to a whole new level.”

The actor later said, “The cases are really dark and fun and twisted, and I think another thing that was pretty difficult for CSI: Vegas to do is to come up with cases that we’d never seen before. You know, over 300 cases on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and then you had all these other CSIs out there that were doing these cases every week, too. That has been a huge challenge for the writers. And I feel like they’re magicians.”

It looks like fans will be in for a lot more cases and no singing. But at least, the cases will be even darker.

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