Dakota Johnson strips down to lace lingerie for steamy photoshoot with pop star pal in new movie

DAKOTA Johnson strips down to lace lingerie for a steamy photo shoot with a pop star pal in her new movie.

The 50 Shades of Grey actress appears as herself in The Nowhere Inn alongside singer St Vincent.

St Vincent – real name Annie Clark – leads the pyschological thriller which sees her set out to make a documentary about her music.

While things appear normal at first, events suddenly take a strange turn and in the trailer St Vincent admits things "went terribly wrong".

At one point in the film, St Vincent poses in black lingerie alongside Dakota, 31, who also shows off her incredible figure in a black bra, stockings and suspenders.

The two women lay on the bed together in their sexy lingerie as a man snaps pictures.

In the trailer, St Vincent is seen speaking to the camera with a black background behind her.

She says: "It was supposed to be a music documentary, concert footage….interviews….I wanted people to know who I really am.

"One of the reasons why I wanted to make a documentary in the first place is because I would finally be in control of the narrative."

As clips from the film are shown, she adds: "A small part of me was starting to second guess myself."

As the footage gets a little weird, St Vincent then says: "All I can say is somewhere along the way, things went terribly wrong."

The film also stars Carrie Brownstein and Toko Yasuda as themselves.

The Nowhere Inn will be released on September 17, 2021.

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