Danny Dyer was so furious about daughter Dani’s Love Island appearance they didn’t speak for weeks

DANNY Dyer has revealed that he was so furious about daughter Dani’s Love Island appearance that they didn’t speak for weeks.

The 43-year-old actor was left fuming when he discovered that his eldest was appearing on the reality dating show.

The pair revealed that they had stopped speaking in the lead to the show, with Danny telling his daughter to "f*** off" as he waved her off.

Dani, who was working as a dental nurse, decided to pack her job in for a chance at finding love on the ITV2 show in 2018.

Dani said: “I loved being a dental nurse but it wasn’t somewhere I wanted to be forever.Then Love Island happened."

The EastEnders star said: “Everything was going all lovely and you were getting on with it and all of a sudden you sat me down.”

The 24-year-old star explained: "I wanted something different, I never took risks and I thought this could be a good one.”

Danny joked: “You really did roll the dice baby didn’t you. It didn’t go down well at first.”

The reality beauty said the frosty atmosphere in the Dyer household was awkward as rumours began to swirl that Dani was entering the villa.

Speaking on Sorted with the Dyers, she said: “You hated me.” Her dad replied: “I didn’t hate you, I never hated you ever.”

Dani said: “He didn’t like me. We didn’t really talk. It was very awkward. Oh my god, I’d walk into the room and it would be so awkward."

He added: “No we didn’t talk. I think I was upset because we were very close and you’d spoke about it to everyone, I was the last fu****.”

The reality beauty explained: “Because you kept saying to me, it sort of came out a couple of months before that I was supposed to be going on Love Island and in my brain I wasn’t.

"Then you said to me ‘am I going to go on Love Island?’ and I was like ‘no it’s all a rumour’. But that was a rumour then and then I sat there and thought maybe I should consider it.”

The soap actor was still raging as his daughter headed to the airport, admitting that he was "petrified".

He said: "I set you off, I put your suitcase in the boot all fu**ing angry and I said 'go on just f***ing go and do what you got to do.'"

Danny then praised his daughter for being the perfect "loyal" contestantshowing her "vulnerable" side.

He added: "I was petrified but it turned out well. I just became a viewer like everyone else and I didn't have any contact with you and I just watched this very authentic vulnerable thing unfold.

"If you could write a script for doing eight weeks on Love Island that would be the script you would write, because you were loyal in there and you turned your life around."

Dani coupled up with Jack Fincham on the first episode of the 2018 series, staying together throughout before winning the programme in the final.

They were loved-up until April 2019, when they broke up after realising they're "not compatible".

Nine months after their split, Jack welcomed a baby of his own; sending fans into meltdown as he announced daughter Blossom's arrival in January of this year.

Meanwhile, Dani was quick to reignite her love with former flame Sammy Kimmence, and welcomed baby Santiago in January.

Jackproved that there is no bad blood between him and his former flame, he previously gushed: "I'm so happy for her. She'll make a brilliant mum as well."

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