‘Don’t!’ Countryfile presenter Tom Heap lectured after being bitten by a beaver

Countryfile: Tom Heap recalls being bitten by beaver in 2009

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Countryfile viewers saw Tom Heap investigate the impact reintroducing long lost species can have on the countryside on Sunday night. During the episode of the BBC nature show, Tom looked into the positives and negatives of reintroducing beavers across the UK. But, fans saw Tom suffer an injury when he got too close to one of the animals.

Wildlife expert Tom explained that reintroduced species can have modern day benefits if managed correctly.

He told viewers: “Take the eurasian beaver. Across Britain, 25 sites have welcomed them back with one of the largest colonies living on the river otter in Devon.”

The presenter noted that the reintroduction of the species had benefited the wetland environment in Devon.

However, he pointed out that the return of beavers isn’t seen as a good thing by everyone.

During his investigation, Tom met up with conservationist Derek Gow and pointed out that they’d met once before.

He shared with viewers a clip from 2009 on Animal 24:7 when Derek introduced Tom to a beaver.

However, the animal in the clip didn’t seem too pleased to meet Tom as the presenter asked: “Do I need to worry at all about being bitten.”

“No,” Derek quickly replied, however he was soon proved to be wrong.

“Well I’m glad about that because…” Tom said, before speedily pulling his hand away from the creature.

After being bitten by the beaver the presenter remarked: “Not entirely true then.”

“No not entirely true. Don’t put your hand in its mouth,” Derek told Tom.

Viewers seemed to see the funny side of the throwback clip and soon took to Twitter to comment on the accident.

“‘Don’t put your hand near its mouth’ Says the beaver man AFTER the presenter put his hand in the cage and got bit! #Countryfile,” one fan commented.

Another viewer noted that Tom was much more cautious around animals for the rest of the programme.

They wrote: “Learnt his lesson after getting bit by that beaver. Staying outside the wildcat cage. #countryfile #ouch.”

However, some viewers were more concerned about hearing that beavers were being culled in some parts of the UK.

One Twitter user wrote: “Wait, so they reintroduced beavers and now they’re killing them? #countryfile.”

“Perthshire beavers aren’t remotely a problem, there are just some pissy farm w***ers who blame them for every damn thing. #countryfile,” a second fumed.

“Oh, the irony; they reintroduce a once native species, beavers but fail to control the non native, invasive Himalayan Balsam, which will undo much of the good that Beavers might do for biodiversity. #CountryFile,” a third viewer commented.

Countryfile airs Sundays at 6:30pm on BBC One.

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