Eamonn Holmes leaves Ruth unimpressed as he hints she likes a roll in the hay

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This Morning turned X-rated on Monday, as host Eamonn Holmes appeared to tease his wife Ruth Langsford about their sex life.

The presenting duo were discussing the Matchmaker Mountain segment with Shirley Ballas, in which she attempts to fire Cupid's arrow into a bunch of singletons aged 50 and over.

As two singletons embarked on a horse ride and shared a kiss on a picnic blanket, Eamonn couldn't resist turning the conversation to his own love life.

Reflecting on the clip, Eamonn said: "It's a very splendid thing, it is indeed."

But Ruth wasn't so sure, as she responded: "Although that looks uncomfortable, lying down on a picnic, when you're trying to look elegant!"

"That would be so you, wouldn't it?" Eamonn responded as he turned to his wife.

"I'd be ready to get smoochy, and you'd be going 'Noooo, that's uncomfortable! Don't like this sand, this straw's poking into me!'" he quipped as he imitated his co-host's voice.

"If only people knew, darling! If only they knew!" he teased.

Ruth responded: "Oh, poor you, it's a hard life being with me, isn't it?"

Earlier in the show, Eamonn had been certain to compliment Ruth's green jacket – but it caused her to accuse her hubby of "giving with one hand and taking with the other" as he compared it to his old school's cross-country uniform.

"Well, I am a runner now!" Ruth declared, referring to her recent Couch to 5K stint.

Elsewhere on Monday's programme, viewers were left devastated to see an alpaca left "on death's row" after being diagnosed with a form of animal tuberculosis.

Geronimo the alpaca's owner insisted that the right tests hadn't been carried out, rendering the results void – but the "executioner" could be around any day now to carry out the euthanasia to stop other animals catching the disease.

Flocking to Twitter, an impassioned swarm of fans came out in support of the fluffy alpaca, with one writing: "SAVE GERONIMO! I love alpacas! This is wrong!"

Someone else followed up: "Run, Geronimo, run!", as a third viewer penned: "Free Geronimo don't kill him!"

But others saw both sides of the debate, as one viewer weighed up: "Sad about Geronimo but why should he be allowed to infect other alpacas? I'm an animal lover but time to let him go and stop him suffering any longer."

Someone else added: "Geronimo has got TB, hasn't tested positive, however he has a trace, which means he could possibly be a carrier, and that's why they've made that decision. It's sad, but one cow could be a carrier and the whole herd would be destroyed."

This morning airs from 10am on weekdays on ITV.

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